Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's a Jungle out there!

A few weeks ago, I was hired to build a Jungle Themed Baby Naming Party with emphasis on zebras, zebra stripes and off to the workshop I went. I made a ton of zebras, well I shouldn't really say a TON, I made a dozen, but I make everything double sided, so I actually made two dozen zebras, back to back and mounted them on pink stripy-pixie straws. I call these Pretty Pokes and they are my favorites, I love these darn things!  You can poke them into just about anything.  

How cute would these zebras be on a carousel?  I might have to build one some day.  In fact, I have always wanted to do a circus theme party because I have some darling favor box patterns and many new designs in my little pea brain, twirling around.  At Party Connection Events, we have some wonderful clowns, face painters, wavy mirrors, carnival games, popcorn and ice cream carts. Many cool pieces that would be a perfect addition to a carnival party.  It's a "circus" over there, so give them a call!!     

In addition to those zebras, I made some cute cupcake pics with a herd of jungle animals.  I mounted them on solid and polka dot backgrounds.    Again, I like to make them double sided, so three dozen pics turn into six dozen animals. I LOVE the way they came out.  Very simple, but adorable.  Believe it or not, there are no cupcakes included on this dessert table, but the pics look cute poked into anything, not just cupcakes. 

Let's see, I also made some very large layered palm trees for this party.  Yes, they are flat and double sided, but I was able to secure them with flat sticks so they were firm and would stand up while poked into a narrow jar of candy. So with two palm trees as the centerpiece, I really wanted to hang a cute personalized sign between these trees.  Easy-peasy!  I had an idea in mind, so I cut and built it!  I love starting from scratch and coming up with my own ideas. I added several layers, sculpted leaves and the baby's name in zebra print and hung it from the trees with clothes pins. (I wish I would have colored those clothespins with matching paper)  Very, very cute. It seemed to really pull the theme together.

I can't forget the little monkeys hanging in the trees. Their curly tails make it really easy to hook them in the trees or even on the cupcake stand.

As I was building these cute little guys, I was thinking how cute they would be to hang on a Tabletop Candy Shop with our jungle themed canopy.  

Desiree Chocolates hired me for this Jungle Party job, Thank again Desi, it's always fun to work with you!  Stop by her website...she is totally AMAZING!! Her sweet tables are out of this world!  Believe me, I know...every time we have a meeting, I go home with a sweet tray of sweet eats.  By the time I reach the highway, I have sampled way too many goodies.  It's a chocolate high for me all the way home!  <GRIN!>

So without further ado, let me share the pictures Desi shared with me of the party!  Thanks Des! 

Thanks for visiting!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Tabletop Shop

Hi Everyone, 
I posted another beautiful,  Tabletop Candy Shop on my other blog today and thought I would give you a peak as well. It's the Vintage Christmas Shop.  I won't post any details here because you can find the information on the other blog, but I have to admit...the pictures just don't do my tables justice.  They really are beautiful; trust me! These Tabletop Shops are RENTAL PIECES from Party Connection Events. The basic rental comes with 20-25 pieces.  It's a DIY, so YOU fill it up with your own goodies and party decor. (candy and desserts not included) 

This week, I am working on another Christmas Tabletop Shop and a Baby Naming Party with a Jungle theme for a check back next week for some cool new paper piecing ideas. The next Tabletop Shop will be filled with handmade decor!

Until then, thanks for stopping by!