Sunday, August 31, 2014

Barnyard Bash

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by. I have some adorable Barnyard Centerpieces to share with you today.  This is actually one of my most favorite themes. The colors chosen were not your tradition reds and blues, but oranges, yellows, and pinks. The tablecloths were bright green so these little barns will "pop" on the tablescape.  
The party was for a 2 year old little girl.  I actually built her 1st birthday party pieces last year as well, so it was an honor to be asked again this year.
I had an idea in mind, but never tried it so I was hoping it would work out. (It worked in my head...hahaha)

So, as you can see, it all worked perfectly!! I have to say, I have built many, many parties over the last few years, but I AM IN LOVE with this one!  This is so me...bright colors and whimsical.  Love it!! The bunting said *Mackenzie's 2nd Birthday*.  I added the second row to loop under her name, all color coordinated.  
So this is how it looks without the barn, still cute...great little trinket box for a kids room or even a baby shower centerpiece.  

I took a few pictures of how else to use these cute little fence boxes without the barnyard animals. I added a few Mary Engelbreit Flowers from the My Scrap Chick Store.  I actually have these flowers in my kitchen, glued to clothespins and clipped on everything.   I love cute and fresh! As you can see, it's just as cute without the barn!!

So here's a little work in progress....

Just adding some final touches.....Oh btw, they are all double-sided. I just LOVE details, the more the better!!

This isn't the LAST you will see of this for my New Etsy Store coming this Fall with some of my centerpieces for purchase and learn how you can recycle them after your party.
Well friends thanks again for stopping by.  I have 2 more parties to share later in the week...Alice in Wonderland and another Sweet Shop, but no two parties are alike..I dream them all up in my little pea brain!!  Until next time~

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Name Bunting

Today's project is a name bunting for my little girl friend, it's her second birthday!!  This was such a simple project, but the picture above only shows one string of the birthday banner. The rest of it was just too long to photograph. I used the MSC FILE Banner  to created this darling piece.   
I also used a few Rosettes and Medallions from the Rosette File, then added a font to spell out her name. The theme was the Barnyard Bash with a twist on the color combination. I wanted to keep this plain and clean looking so she could maybe hang it in her room, or playroom after her party. Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!

Thanks for stopping by...
See you again soon.  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mad Hatter Hat Box

Hi everyone!!  I have been so busy, but I wanted to share a great Hat Box I made using a few files from My Scrap Chick. I built a Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party for my Granddaughters last week.  I promise to share it when I am less busy, but for now, you get to see one of the hats I made. 

I really like using no more than three files on each piece.  I absolutely LOVE this Hat...isn't it darling? You won't believe what files I used!

The Hat is from the Uncle Sam Hat Box
The Red Rosette is from Easy Rosettes
and the Rabbit Ears are from Bunny Top Hat Box

As you can see, I made a lot of them, though the ones shown are not decorated.  It rained the day of the party, so I only used a couple of them to decorate the house.  

Here's a game...Hat Stacking.  Not as easy as you think for 4 year olds!  Another idea is to take the lid off, add a ping pong balls and have fun with the game, Bozo Buckets. 

Add them to a Wine Bottle Holder...nice centerpiece to a tablescape!!

Punch a hole in the lid, add a cute little die cut to a straw and insert in the lid, create a great table decoration.  

I Love how it opens so easily at the top!!  What a great gift box or party idea for any occasion!!

Thanks for stopping by! I am finishing two parties this week you won't want to miss!!