Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bouquets and Centerpieces

I was asked by a friend to design a few pieces for a Bridal Show she would be attending as a vendor this weekend. Of course, I jumped at the chance!!  She asked for a centerpiece and a bouquet and a few favor boxes.  So I got my thinking cap on again and decided that I REALLY like making these picks, which I call PRETTY POKES. Some may like the idea of poking the Pretty Pokes into a vase filled with coated or wrapped candy pieces (see 2/13th blog entry) such as M&M's, Gumballs, or Hershey's Kisses.  While others prefer a nice solid base as seen below in the SPRING FEVER BOUQUET.


So I thought this Spring Fever Bouquet would be a cheery piece for a bridal shower...all made with matching wedding colors.  As I was putting this together I began thinking how pretty this would be as a get well or a happy birthday bouquet!!  Wow...endless possibilities.  Just by adding a Doctor Bag, or a Birthday Cake this piece would change in an instant.  My mind was "racing with ideas." Looks like I will be adding Greetings and Holiday Pokes so you can purchase them separately if you need a themed bouquet or centerpiece.  
A few friends have asked, "what's the difference between a bouquet and a centerpiece"?  Well, I like to refer to a bouquet as one sided. The flowers in the Spring Fever Bouquet above are all facing toward you, the other side is plain and neatly made.  A centerpiece can be viewed from all sides.  Of course, a Pretty Poke Bouquet is a little less expensive  than a Pretty Poke Centerpiece. Both of these pieces have 7 pokes included with an option of an 8th poke to swap out for a themed gift, example... get well, congratulations, graduation, birthday, new baby,  you get the idea. 

So moving on to a Wedding/Bridal Pretty Poke Centerpiece. I have 7 Pretty Pokes included in this centerpiece all of which have a wedding theme.  I do have several more pokes to choose from...hearts, flowers, bells, glasses, verses even choose.  I added a nice big table number to this piece as well, or you might consider a letter instead.  (I will get some samples in the next few days.)  Each poke can be seen from both sides of the table.  And of course some shiny BLING!!  

I can also personalize this for about adding some of your own photos.  How pretty!!  The base on this Bridal Centerpiece looks plain but it can be dressed up...give me a few weeks and I think you will be  very excited when you see what happens to this piece...something new and different is joining Polka Dots and Parties!!  Stop in often to catch up!!!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

My daughter Katie is in a sorority and asked me to make a Spring Break Basket to be auctioned off at their Annual Fundraising Dinner & Silent Auction.  I was at a loss of what to make, but I came up with an adorable idea.  Of course, I wanted to design something around their mascot...cute little penguins.  I found a couple  SVG's that I had in my collection.

So here is what I decided on.  I found a beach bag at Target and filled it up with suntan lotion, beach towel, coconut lotion, sunscreen, ohhhh just a ton of fun spring-summer goodies I thought would be nice to use on a warm summer vacation that any girl would love.

These little guys couldn't be any cuter!!! They took on a personality of their own when I add them to the bag.  The bag went for $45 and I was glad to help raise a little cash!! 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Something Good from Martha!

Last week I sent Martha Stewart Crafts an email suggestion.  I did get a response back from Plaid-Martha Stewart Paint Crafts.  Not only did i get a response but I got a HUGE box of goodies...WOW...thanks Martha!! Can't wait to try them!!

I Do!!!

I wanted to post just a few wedding favors. These are just so simple and clean looking. I really didn't add much BLING, because I like to use pretty papers in my pieces. To me inked edging, glitter paints, bows and ribbons are as much BLING as I like to add to wedding favors. Of course, I love to match ribbons to the bridesmaid dresses.  Wired ribbon is pretty...but I am also partial to polka dots.  So without further ado are just a few of my favor boxes. 

It's the lantern adorable?  I will be creating more centerpieces with this check back often!

And last but not least, this sexy lingerie die cut can be used as a bunting at a bridal  shower, bachelorette  party or even a big girl birthday. I have also made this design into a party favor box with a ribbon handle...very sexy!!  

When ordering party favor boxes, please order in quantities of 12.  Banner/Buntings have 15 pieces (13 flags and 2 fillers). 

Happy Crafting!

Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Candy Filled Method Centerpieces

Here are just a few DIY Pretty Poke Candy Filled Method centerpieces. Wow....that's a long title!!  Anyway, if you are looking to order a single Pretty Poke here is what they look like with just 3 pokes included!!  You will have to make your own base.  (see blog post  Candy Filled Method Feb. 12)  Still cute, but very simple...we all love simple don't we?  These don't not have BLING added to the container but I would sure add on a cute polka dot bow or message tag...something personalized for sure!!

This base is actually a Party Favor Cupcake Box.  The bottom is the lid to the box!!  Again, I can create something special to match the overall theme.  Choose from many wonderful Scrapbook Papers craft stores.  Links for my FAVORITE Papers are listed on my right sidebar!!  My most favorite locations for these papers are Archivers, Michaels, JoAnne Fabric and Hobby Lobby. I have so many ideas I am just BUSTING!!  

Pretty Pokes

I have to say...these pictures do not show the "cuteness" in these Pretty Pokes!!  Lots of dimension is  included on each poke....layering, buttons, brads or ribbons. I add a little craftiness to each piece.  Are you looking for a certain theme?  Just let me know; if I don't have it, I will create it. I am hoping to add at least 15 pokes per month to this collection.  I love to use SVG Files, as well as Cricut Files. If you're looking for a a design, check out my "Craftiness Sites" listed on the left side bar of my blog.  It's filled with SVG and digital files.  As a side note, I can create Favor Boxes of each of these same designs, so your Pretty Poke Centerpiece will MATCH your Favors, Goodie Bags, Cupcake Picks and Banners/Buntings.You can either order the pokes singly or as a whole centerpiece, base included.  As a single poke you can create your own base using the "DIY Candy Filled Method" as mentioned in my February 12th blog post. Either way makes a beautiful centerpiece!! Let's say YOU LOVE to add your OWN craftiness...and you LOVE to shop for your OWN decorative papers.  How about I cut your designs, sit down with you and your friends and teach YOU how to put a Pretty Poke together...YES, that will $ave you a bundle...It's a great way to set up your OWN CrafterNoon with friends and family! You will have to supply glues, ribbons, brads, buttons etc. I will provide cut files, and straws as well as one hour of my time.  

I can pretty much do any theme.  A WHOLE centerpiece includes 7 large Pretty Pokes set into a matching themed base.  Is this a gift, a Pretty Poke Bouquet...for maybe a New Baby,  Birthday or Graduation Celebration, Get Well Gift, how about a Wedding Reception or Baby Shower Centerpiece?  Within the next month Pretty Pokes will be adding Cake Pops and Candy Lolli's  to these centerpieces!!!! I can't wait to share those with you...they are sooooo adorable it will be love at first site!!! 

Ok let me show you the batch of Pretty Pokes  for this week.  Next Monday, more will be added.  Looking for a special theme, just send me an email with your suggestion and I will come up with something special for you and post it on my blog.  


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Candy Filled Method

Let's talk about Pretty Pokes tonight. I LOVE making Party Centerpieces! I usually add 7 Pretty Pokes to a themed base, creating an adorable centerpiece which can be seen from all sides, since each poke is double sided and very detailed.  They are a big hit!! I have orders for Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays...even Get Well Gifts!  I think they are replacing the flower arrangements!!   

I thought I would share with you some ideas to use as a base for these Pretty Pokes. In the picture above, I made the base to match the pokes. But, you can do a DIY base as well.  Simple, but cute!  I love to use different containers, clear jars, drinking glasses, and clear or colored vases.   Even a party favor box will do.  Just add some bright, color coated candy like M & M's, Gumballs, or Jelly Beans.  Plant the straw right into the candy filled glass and it will stand perfectly in the container.   Since the Pretty Pokes are two sided they can be seen from everywhere in the room. After the party, just snip off the straw on the Poke, string a ribbon through each Poke and you have a cute bunting or a banner with a fun theme.  Very cute to hang in a baby nursery or even frame in a toddlers room!  

I realize this votive cup is very small, but as you scroll through you will see that you really only need a small base to poke the straws into.  I love using Sixlet Candies in my jars.  They are sooo cute and colorful.  I think JoAnne Fabric carries them in assorted colors and because they're coated the straws just slide right between them, helping the Pokes stand perfectly without falling or slipping.  This votive will hold 3 double sided Pretty Pokes.  

The conversation hearts are chalky and it's really hard to poke the straw into them.  But, oh they are SOOOOO cute!!  So here's what you do....

Add the little votive to the inside of a water glass or a wide mouthed glass.  This will help you design your centerpiece with the "cuteness" of the candy conversation hearts as well!  Another fun idea I have done using stemmed glass is to make a personalized round tag, similar to a wine glass tag to be placed at the bottom of the stem on the glass, this gives a fun personalized look.  Believe me, your friends will notice the details, so have fun with it!  

I think I purchased this last container at Hobby Lobby.  It's really cute, holds a lot of candy but would be adorable if you made a decal to be placed on outside of container.

So that's it for containers tonight, but watch for more coming soon.  

Coming Soon...  CrafterNoon & CrafterMoon!! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh Boy!!

So I have to admit...I have not kept up with my blog lately.  Sorry about that...I am busy creating some wonderful pieces to share with you soon. Meanwhile, I will try to post now and then so you can get an idea of what's going on over here at Polka Dots and Parties.  
This is a piece I created with a bold and bright theme for a little boy.  My thought is that yes, it can be used as a centerpiece for a party, a dessert table or maybe just party decor, but after I took a step back and looked at reminds me of a beautiful plant!!  A paper why not give it as a baby gift, or a birthday gift? Poke some candy lollipops or cookies on a stick into the base.  Who won't love that...I know I would! Next week, I will have a couple more complete as well as favors to be sure to check back soon.  
One last update...I added more favorite paper companies to my right side bar.  I will add links on them soon.  Just love going to Archivers in Naperville for all my paper needs.  They are so helpful in that store!  

So until next week...Happy Crafting!


Baby Shoe Favors

Aren't these the cutest little baby shoe shower favors?  Who could resist this?  These little ones are just about the size of a newborn shoe, complete with bling, bows and baubles. Place at each place setting or play a game with them.  Everyone loves taking one of these home.   

I have also made them for baby's first birthday Christmas, Halloween, Valentines or special holidays.   How about adding them to the top of a baby gift...I'm sure this cute little favor won't be sent to the trash!  I recently had a friend who's baby was in the hospital.  Mom and Dad tied the little shoes to the hospital bassinet....oh so cute!  Both a baby girl and boy shoe versions are available, so if you are unsure of what you are having, mix them up!  Use them as ice breakers or as a game at your shower..diaper pin  one booty to each guest when the walk in the door ...have them find their matched pair and learn a little about their new friend.  Maybe you just found out your expecting ... have your husband or your parents unwrap their special gift...SURPRISE!! Many ideas Contact me for pricing.  Must have a few weeks to complete larger orders.