Sunday, September 29, 2013

Log Home Festival -Vintage Halloween

A few weeks ago my friend Carla, told me she was setting up at a craft show in a log cabin in Morris, Illinois.  I had never heard of it but, it sounded like something I would enjoy.  Who won't love to be in a setting like that?  So she explained that this was her 2nd year in doing this unique show and she invited me to do it too.  Well, I don't really do craft shows, I sell party favors by the dozen for parties.  Instead of selling one or two, I like to sell in bulk. If you order a dozen you get one free. I really don't have time to make one or two party favors, but I do have time to make a dozen. So far this has worked perfectly for me.  But, I really wanted to do this show and hopefully get some orders or if nothing else, maybe get a few more followers here on my blog.  I started early this week to build boxes, bags and decorations within her theme...Vintage Halloween. I already had several files from SVGCUTS and decided on 9 different patterns. Since Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine, I was totally looking forward to building these. On a side note, SVGCuts is having a contest and I am going to use these pieces as my entry.  Wish me luck! 
I started out with my patterned Halloween papers from Archivers, matching and coordinating every piece.  I love when the papers are double-sided because everything looks great together...I feel like I am getting more mileage out of one piece of paper. 
I always like to take a picture of the pile of papers after I cut them.  I remember when I first started paper piecing this made it so OVERWHELMING!!  But now, I just take from the top of the pile and work my way down.  
So, lets start with the spooky bat.  I didn't think I would like this one...but I love it.  I added some wire and rag ties and it seem to just bring it to life. It really does hold a ton of candy.  I am going to make a few more for my entry way to my formal living room.  

Next, the little polka dot pumpkin...this was my FAVORITE!  I inked the edges around each panel and glued them to the base.  As always, I like to add the BLING I added it to the leaves.  The paper I used was kind of bright, not vintage, but inking the edges was just the ticket.  I did attached the lid, just so not to lose it. 
The cauldron,  UGHHHH!!  My least favorite...that was such a pain to put together.  I ended up NOT making it as tight as I should have so the bottom ended up too big.  I guess that isn't earth shattering, I just cut the bottom piece a bit bigger and it worked out fine. It actually came out pretty cute, didn't it?  I did run the panels through my Big Shot and dry embossed panels with keys folder on each panel.  I inked in silver and loved the way it finally came out and I won't mind trying it again. It's always easier the second time around.
The apothecary jars were pretty cool. I made two, one tall and narrow and one short and fat.   I also ran the side panels through the Big Shot using a cobweb folder, and the silver ink pad...It came out adorable. The panels on the tall bottle were made with printed papers, but I also think that came out super cute! 
The vintage cat bucket was really easy, I add some glitter and some ribbon & rag ties. I love the pattern was so big and bright.  
Let about the skeleton?  Very simple, made with silver brads so I could pose it any way. I used suction cups to stick it to my mirror.   
The vintage pumpkin banner was adorable.  In the beginning I thought it was a bit flimsy, so I added kraft paper to each flag, that seem to add a little strength.  I edged the each pumpkin edge with dark ink giving dimension. I found some cute Trick or Treat ribbon at Michaels. It looks perfect and I will be able to save it for next year.   
The candy dish was cute too.  Really simple to make, but the black silhouette with the big yellow moon behind really made it pop. At the show it was filled with my business cards.  
I have a few favorite companies I use for patterns and SVGcuts is surely one of them.  I love Mary's and Leo's video tutorials, and the patterns are very easy to use. Check out their site.  If you see something you me, I will build it for you for your next party.  (wink, wink)

It turned out to be such a nice day at the show.  I followed the signs for the festival through a winding five mile drive back through cornfields, farms and color-changing trees.  The parking was hit or miss, I lucked out and found a close spot. The crowds were unbelievable.  It was nice to see everyone chatting in groups that congregated around vintage garden carts or in the shade of the big old trees.  It seemed everyone knew one another and was catching up about their families and friends, the way life should be.  

I thought for a second, how am I ever going to find Carla's Booth?  I turned to walk into the tent from a side opening and as I walked in (in-awe of the crafts), I saw Carla right in front of me! What luck!! Her booth was DARLING, as I knew it would be.  She and her friends did a GREAT job!  What a talented group of gals! 
Though, I didn't sell anything...I just had her hand out business cards in hopes some shoppers would stop by my blog and check out what I do. I actually didn't give her my things until the second day of the festival, but maybe next year I can have my own booth or better yet, set up with these gals again and be ready for October 2014?  I will have to start NOW building favors in bulk...hahah!!  BTW, these pieces I made were a little bigger than the "regular" size favors.  I actually call them Party Props...they make cute centerpieces groupings or darling packages that actually become part of the gift. 

After getting set up, Carla and I took a little break to chat and sat on a porch swing...omg, so relaxing.  I would love to do that on a daily basis. It looks like the crafters had a lot of interested shoppers.  Their booths were filled with the hand crafted, hand carved, handmade and home baked goodies.  The smell of carmel and kettle corn was in the air.  The only thing missing was the cool was actually about 82 degrees, but fall is just around the corner and soon I will be complaining that I am cold!!   
Thanks again for stopping by. Come back soon.  I am starting two more parties this week...and a few more Halloween things I know you will love.  I also have something REALLY COOL to share with you that I am SOOOO excited about.  Until then, enjoy your week.  


Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Garden Party

Last Summer I did a Garden Party, for one year old twin girls.  I had so much fun building this party but never blogged a year later it's time.  The twins were born premature and the day before their 1st Birthday Party, little Grace became a little angel. Honestly, it was the saddest day ever!  I can't tell you how much this little one touched my life.   I never met her, but think of her all the time. Amazing Grace!!   
I made 7 centerpieces of flowers and garden findings. Each Pretty Poke was mounted on a stripped pixie straw and inserted into a mason jar filled with gumballs. I love to add details like white "stitching" marks around the image and a bit of BLING to each.  

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ava and Grace!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flip Flop Wedding Favor

Hi friends, boy I have been playing catch up all week.  I am so backlogged.  This is actually the last party I have until next week when I am starting a 1st Birthday Rainbow Party, Basketball Bar Mitzvah, an Adventure Bat Mitzvah and Halloween Favors.  So see...this is why I need to get caught up on my blogging. 
So this party was actually a wedding reception.  I was hired by a Desiree Chocolates to make a flip flop box to be filled with chocolate drizzled popcorn.  The bride wanted the flip flop to measure 5 inches.  That's a pretty small, intricate cut to cut out their names for such a small area.  So I have to say, I wasn't able to add their names...but the bride printed their names on clear labels and they looked adorable. 

I did make the sole a little thicker so we had plenty of room to fill.  I used washi tape to seal the top to the bottom after it was filled. 
That's it, another party out the door. Until next week....
Thanks for stopping by!


Some of you may know that I am actually an Event Specialist for 
Party Connection Events
 I coordinate several corporate events for them per year, but have to say, this one for the country club is one of my favorites.  I actually plan 3 large events with this country club per year. In late June, I had an event we call Summerfest. I have planned this fun, exciting fest for the last 9 years.  Each year, I try to do something different and wonderful to surprise our 2,000 guests.  Over a few months, I plan around this theme and add several pieces to our"Menu of Fun".   Believe it or not, I have a theme ready for next year and have already started planning it!

This year we had something sooooo COOL...Our New ZIPLINE!!  Party Connection Events is the 1st company in the Chicago to have this piece!  As you can see, it's VERY IMPRESSIVE!!  Everyone LOVED it!  Our theme was AIR, LAND and WATER. So we added a few things that fit perfectly. 

We also incorporated a game zone with several frame games, an adorable Trackless Train to carry 16 kids and their parents around the event, catering for 2,000 and several other fun pieces. 

Who doesn't love Balloon Twister Holly...OMG, she does the most amazing balloons sculptures for us. She always has a line at her booth.  

The beer tent is not something I PLAN, but everyone loves it and as you can's packed throughout the day!  hahaha

Something else that I planned this year was a HOT AIR BALLOON!  This was something I had wanted to do for years.  We raffled off 2 rides, but unfortunately it was just too windy to actually lift off.  But, we arranged lift off a couple week later at the Party in the Park and it was AMAZING!!  Maybe next year we will do a balloon glow.
 Cool hey?

Fall Fest is already planned for October, complete with 500 pumpkins, a horse-drawn hayride and many other goodies.  
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Playing it Cool

Hey Friends, Did you hear the news?  My Scrap Chick is having a Design Team Call, they are looking for talented paper crafters...I'm so excited, I think I am going to give it a try!  
I remember a few years ago, I came across My Scrap Chick and instantly fell in love!!  It took me a bit to figure it all out, but I was determined to somehow use this cute little pieces in my event planning business.  Since then I designed a special canopied table top called a Tabletop Candy Shop and in doing so I have used MANY, MANY My Scrap Chick Favor Boxes and Bags.  As a matter of fact, I have almost EVERY PATTERN and am very proud to admit it!  So without further ado, I would like to share one of my all time FAVORITE parties I threw for my family and friends last year using My Scrap Chick Winter Pavor Favor Boxes and Bags.  Everyone loved these cute little snowmen, they are just adorable!!
Thanks Kristi and Val for designing the cutest SVG files for us. 
Good Luck to everyone and thanks for stopping by! 
~ Margie 







Friday, September 6, 2013

Sweet Table Menu Cards

For the past year, I have been working with Desiree Chocolates.  She likes to use my menu cards on her Sweet Tables. This folded card is the most perfect little design that works well with every table and can easily be changed to fit other themes. These cards are sold individually which makes it very affordable to enhance an already gorgeous Sweet Table. I have done several other themes as well.
This next party was a beach theme, if you hadn't already guessed. Though a bit more complicated because of the intricate cuts; I love the way they came out and would definitely do it again for another party. You may be asking yourself, where did I find those cute images?  ....but if I told you I would have to give away a few secrets...sorry friends... wink, wink! 

I like to add a little BLING to each card and make them very unique to my own style.  

This next party was a Tinkerbell Birthday Party I did last year. I didn't make Menu Cards so to speak, but I did make Candy Tags with a different look. Since these tags were used on a stemmed jar. I just added a hole with a slit and slipped it onto the stem.  It was nice because the event was outside and the tags didn't blow-away.  

So many more tags and menu cards to show you...but I will save them for another day.  
Thanks for stopping by!