Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thank You Teacher

Right before school let out this year, I was asked to make a few favor boxes for Teachers Gifts.  I had never made something quite so big, but all in all, I thought they came out fine.  I had only ONE sheet of Elementary scrapbook paper, but I needed SEVERAL boxes. So I had to be a little creative... 

I used some bright colored cardstock for the bottoms of the boxes and white cardstock for the lids.  As you can see, I added an apple in a frame to the lids and took the single sheet of elementary scrapbook cardstock and cut it into strips.  Adding a 2" piece to each scalloped side of the lid. 

As much as I liked them, I thought they looked a little plain. So I added a little schoolboy and girl to each box.  The gifts were from a mom who had both a boy and girl in school and she was giving end of the year gifts to their teachers.    

It's funny, I become so attached to these little ones, I hate to sell them off!!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Margie's Tearoom

Margie's Tea Room
In May of this year, I was asked by a friend if I could make a TEAPOT as a centerpiece.  My response, "Sure, I can try."  I had the perfect pattern, but I had never made one. Needless to say, I got busy with a sample.  At this point, I didn't know how many she needed.  I'm thinking...1 maybe 2 at the most? Boy, was I wrong!! I got the shock of my life.... 

YIKES, Look at all of those PIECES!!!!
My friend works for a Assisted Living/Retirement Village in our area. They were planning a Mother's Day Brunch and were looking for reasonably priced teapots.  Now, I have to say, my centerpieces are not cheap, but I gave them a deal if they ordered in bulk.  OMG...they needed a week!!  A week???   I had one of my helpers give me a hand...and production was started.

They came out so adorable!!!  I made all different soft colors and hinged the lid with a little coordinating bow.  I added a little doily to the bottom as well.  

Not only did they want 20 teapots. but they also wanted 100 strawberries!! Luckily, I didn't have another job that week, so I was able to start right away.

I loved the way everything came out.  So darling!  Thanks for stopping by everyone.  More parties coming this visit again tomorrow.  

Stay Cool!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Down on the Farm

Yee Haw! 
Just a little something from the farm.  I made two different styles of  cow favor boxes...perfect for baby shower or 1st Birthday, actually a toddler birthday would be fun or maybe even something at the office...from the HERD!!  lol
I have several favorite SVG companies, but both of these came from My Scrap Chick.  I love their patterns; they are so darn cute and so much fun for any party!       

Add a little BELL to the ribbon for perfect necktie.  I love these little guys. The perfect size for a stack of sandwich cookies.  Or maybe some cow pies (chocolate chips) 

Ok, now these little guys... I just couldn't pass up.  I have all of My Scrap Chicks Trio Patterns, but these fit right into the "Farm" Theme.    I would fill and place these at each place setting ...How about MILK DUDS or Bulls Eyes?  Or even some homemade cow pies....ooops, I mean chocolate chip cookies!

Ok friends, 
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Monkey's 1st Birthday

Back in the Spring, I made centerpieces for a 1st Birthday Party for a cute little munchkin.  Her mom planned to have her party at a local zoo, the theme was little girl monkeys with flowers on their ears. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to make these centerpieces. The colors were hot pinks, blues, yellows...a little green, and orange, and of course BROWN for the monkeys.  I chose my favorite paper, Bo Bunny, Double Dot scrapbook papers and an SVG from My Scrap Chick to create these wonderful pieces.  
I filled a clear cup with gumballs and covered it with a clear dome style lid. Paper shred  was added so the single straw would stand upright, firmly.    
I made a bright color popcorn cup and dropped the clear cup inside.  I added a number ONE to each side of the cup. I love the way they came out...perfect! 
On the outside of each straw I glued on the tree trunk, but not before I inked the edges, giving it a bit of dimension.  The palms were strategically placed on top of the trunk, so the monkeys could be hung and wrapped around them.  Their skinny arms, lanky legs and twirly tails give them plenty of room to play in the palms. All critters were guests on both sides of the table can see the entire centerpiece.  I do like to add some BLING to each trademark I guess.  
Thanks again Abby for the opportunity to help with your party!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's been awhile...

Hi everyone, I haven't logged into my blog in months.  I really want to get back on track and I have many things to show you. I am now working part time as a rental coordinator for our clubhouse. It's been a busy start and now we are feeling a bit of a lull.  I work by appointments only and I am lucky if I get 10 hours a week.  But, I am not going to worry about is what it is.  They tell me it will pick up again in the fall, so we will see how it goes. I enjoy it, so that's all the matters.
As you know, I also plan events for Party Connection Events.  We are always busy over there.  I just had an event for 2,000 guests and it went FABULOUS!! Complete with on-site grilling, tattoo artists, balloon twisters, trackless train, tons of games and water sports...and the BEST PIECE was ZIPLINE 2013!!! much fun...the kids loved it and really had a blast!  

This is our newest piece...Zipline 2013

We had planned a Hot Air Balloon lift off, but the winds were just too strong.  
I have been working on several different party favors over the last few months.  I try to do at least a couple parties each month.  Several 1st birthdays, wedding & baby showers and many Mitzvah's.  I have even made a few teachers' and employee appreciation gift boxes.  It's been fun, I will share those with you under different labels soon.  

Lastly a few pictures of my best friend, my little Tootsie.  I love her to pieces!!  At the moment she is laying on my feet....

I will be playing catch up in the next few weeks so check back often!!

Happy Summer!