Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tootsie Roll

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce you to our newest family member... Tootsie Roll.  She's an adorable Cavachon, 10 weeks old and so far only 3.5 pounds.  We are so lucky to have found her.  I searched for a rescue and just couldn't find a pup we liked.  So my daughter found  Timber Ridge Kennel on line in Missouri, about 6 hours away from Chicago. We were thrilled that there was a female pup available, and my husband and daughter surprised me with this little bundle of joy!  

Sue, the breeder, didn't mention that Tootsie was housebroken, but knock on wood, she has not had any accidents in the house!  Even in the middle of the night.  She slept in my bed and woke me up by pulling my hair last night.  I took her right outside and she did BOTH...then went right back to sleep...but this time in her kennel.  She is just a BOUNCING, ball of fur!  I keep saying to her..."you are such a lucky girl"...but honestly, I am the LUCKY GIRL!!  As much as I still miss my Little Sadie, Tootsie Roll has taken away the tears.  She is just so cute and I couldn't ask for a better behaved puppy.  She is truly heaven sent. Thanks Sadie for sending her my way.     

Tags, Tags and More Tags!

Last week, I was asked to create some dessert tags for an event.  After creating something pretty cool; I decided maybe it was really a little too detailed. Simple is just a better way to go sometimes.  So I set out to design something a little cleaner...a little less detailed, but still classy.  I came up with a bunch of different shapes and styles to use as a background.

These are SVG shapes, but you can find many shapes on your Cricut Cartridges as well. I have every shape from simple circles to top-notes, fancy squares to hand-drawn designs. I chose this cute scalloped square for this circus themed project.
I tried several different ribbon holes, but these rectangle shapes and the punched location worked well for this project. 

I have so much digital art and really never get a chance to use it, so yesterday I created a bunch of different pieces.  I have a commercial license with Nit Wit Collections and I have to say...I LOVE this company!!  BTW, I have a TON of her's an addiction...I think!! If you need something specific go to her website find something you me, I probably have it.  YIKES, that's hard to admit, and I am stopping in this week to see what's new!!

These candy tags were made for a dessert table.  I have another set I am working on for a Circus Theme but they have MUCH BIGGER digital art...really cute though, I tend to lean on the detail side when I do digital pieces, but the next set has less details and more layers.

Have you seen the I-magicut Ribbon Cutter.  I really like this little tool. It seals and cuts ribbon perfectly every time.  

Lastly, I needed to create a cupcake poke to match. I think I am going to redo these in a circle shape instead, but thought I would show you these squares.  As far as punching holes for a cupcake poke, I would punch one hole at the top and one on the bottom.  These flat sticks are nice because they just slide right through the hole without too much "bowing" on the solid background piece.  On the other hand, these tan sticks are not very attractive, so just slide a half of a 7.5" straw to give a festive fun look.  

I don't have a picture to show, but to add a "belly band" around a large candy bowl, just punch one hole on each side (right and left) in the solid background shape and thread ribbon in one side and out the other, then tie a bow in the back. Not a KNOT, a bow, so you can use the ribbon again... pluse it looks really cute that way. Then just stick the printed tag right on the solid tag with dimensional double stick tape ...very cute; I know you will love it!
How about a Straw Hugger?  Just make the tag a little smaller, double sided and slide the straw up the middle.  Easy Peasy!!




Friday, June 22, 2012

Help me name my new puppy!

We are so excited...we found a new little puppy.

A Cavachon.  We pick her up on Monday.  I posted on facebook that I needed some suggestions for a I now come to my blogging friends. Any ideas?  


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Dog

Those of you who read my blog know that I lost my sweet little Sadie recently. 

OMG, I can't begin to tell you how much I miss her everyday.  I look out my back door and can almost see her leaping through the yard, sprawled out on the lawn chair, or chasing bunnies out of my garden. Her favorite spot was spying at the neighbors while sitting in a leather chair looking out the window or curled up on the couch with our daughter.  

Sadie was more than a DOG, she was my companion, my watch dog and truly my "little girl".  She wasn't too friendly to others, but she was the best for our family. I didn't think I would want another dog so quickly, but I am so lonely!  I look everyday on Petfinder and can't even settle on a breed because Sadie was SO PERFECT!  I love the dachshunds, but I am so scared that since they have back problems the same thing could happen again....and I just can't live through it again.  I still see Sadie's little face looking up at me as if to say, "Mom, I can't walk, what's wrong with me?"  It breaks my heart everyday to relive that day.  
So, I am coming to you, my blog is VERY active with over 500 visitors each week, so please pass this on, pray that I find a "Forever Friend"  ...I am hoping there is a lonely dog that is looking for a loving family, nice house, beautiful yard...lots of room to run, loves to snuggle and sit on my lap, and needs more love than it could ever imagine.  I want something small, that I can snuggle with,  calm and likes my little granddaughter who visits Pop Pop and Gramma's house often.  Rides in car and short walks would be great too. 
If you know of any pups in need of a loving, forever home please email me! 

Thanks for listening

Cupcake Boxes

I have so many inquires on cupcake boxes, both size and pricing. I can make just about any size cupcake box, but I chose three to share today. You can see the difference in size between them, one actually fits inside the other...minus the cupcakes of course! Hee hee!!
Three different size cupcake boxes.  Yellow is a mini cupcake box.
Medium Size Box w/mini cupcake holder and Lid
I can make all sorts of lids, as well.  Hinged, scalloped, plain, windowed...of course the shape of the window can be different as well...circles, squares, hearts, even a fancy square or top note shape. Something different... add a cupcake poke to the cupcake right through the window into the cupcake.  I love that idea and yes, I can personalize the cupcake poke. So many ways to dress up a favor box. 
Medium Size Cupcake Box with Scalloped Lid and flower
Cupcakes come in many shapes/sizes as do the favor boxes.  Right now I only have boxes for Mini and Regular Sizes, but if you are looking for something special or unusual, just let me know and I will design something for you.  

Favor Box you can see I have added a flower to the Favor Box.  They really add so much to the packaging.  

Next week I have an event for 2,000 I probably won't blog till Tuesday or so....until then... 

Have an EVENTful week!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's in the Bag

Cute little purses are all the rage for baby showers, birthday party favors or gift giving....even to fill up at a candy cute would that be?  In the future I am going to continue to add to this section and give several ideas on Purse Favors, but I am starting with a stinkin' cute favor for baby showers or toddle parties. 
My 1st Birthday Party (my first purse) Favor

These favor bags are the largest I can design using just ONE 12x12 sheet of cardstock.  How do I get two prints?  Double sided cardstock and I like to chose two coordinating patterns.  I think this monkey print cardstock was from Bella Blvd.     This pattern is an SVG from My Scrap of my favs.  The pattern can be enlarged but I would have to charge more per piece and I don't like to do that. My goal is to get an entire pattern from one sheet of cardstock. The good news...Order a dozen and get ONE FREE and this will bring down your cost a little more. 


My Website

Have you checked out my website lately? Take a peak...  We have a ton of cute stuff for your summer events

Scroll down to the bottom right to find Polka Dots and Parties

Fun Favors and Packaging

During the last couple weeks I have had some back problems and haven't blogged as much as I would have liked so I am playing catch up this week. So lets' get back to blogging....  
My favorite things to create are favor boxes.  Some are very detailed while others are simple...sometimes, I believe "simple" is better.  Using a color as a theme can be just what you need to create the perfect favor. Last month, I was asked to design something for a well known company; as an event planner I don't like to reveal my client until I ask permission and this is just a proposal, so I will have to keep you guessing.  The theme is a "thank you" box and it is to be filled with some "cute edibles".  I made three different sizes and actually, kept it very, very simple.  The gift inside will be the most important, so I didn't want to take away from that.  The window and the tag needed to be the "key factor".  It was important to be able to "peak" in on the goodies. And the tag, well, it's a "play on words"...hopefully they will get it!!  hahaha.

Another idea I did think of but didn't create was a "pie box & a french fry box"...maybe I should add that to the mix.  Meeting isn't for a couple more weeks so maybe I will come up with a few more ideas. So remember sometimes, simple is better.  Wish me luck!     

Monday, June 11, 2012

Starbucks Drink Bottles

Since, I am not a coffee drinker, I made my family drink a 4 pack of Starbucks Frappuccino Drinks just so I could have the cute little containers. I love the shape of the bottle, but the lid was not something I decided to use this time. I LOVE lemonade, but hate when the bees come around to "share" with I added my own cute little lid.  I tried a few different things, cupcake liners tied with twine...
Ok, but not my favorite.  
Upside-down nut cup with the edges cut with Martha Stewart Shred Scissor...cute, but...again not exactly what I was looking for. 

Lastly, I cut the bottom of the nut cup with an edging tool and I LOVED IT! The little scallops add the perfect touch to these bottle lids!!! 
Add a fun flower shape to the top  (bottom of nut cup) and a Pixie Straw through the center... PERFECTION!   How cute is that? Yes, I could have added a label, but I think there is enough going on  so just add your favorite drink, a couple ice cubes and maybe a small strawberry and you have a refreshing drink that will add color to any summer party. 

If you wanted to use the lid that came with the drink, cover it with a sticker label printed with the drink flavor and then maybe a bucket of "nut cup lids and straws"...might be cute to even add a personalized flag to the straw with each persons name on it.  Refills?  Use a large Drink Dispenser so bottles can be easily refilled.  
Family, you need to drink more STARBUCKS Drinks because I would like 12 of these bottles!!  Hee, Hee!!