Monday, December 23, 2013

More Christmas Centerpieces

Hi Everyone, Thanks for stopping by to see the other centerpieces.  My event went well but not too many good!  I do have to tell you what happen.  So my daughter was able to help me set up since I have a shoulder injury...torn rotary cuff.  I am ok to pick up some things, but not able to stretch or put up the canopies on my Tabletop Shop. She was a huge help in setting up the table but because the car was so packed I failed to take a few things that I really needed....hence the poor pictures of the event.
Anyway, while we were in full swing, I hurried over to clear a table and TRIPPED on a coat that was hanging off of a chair and fell SPLAT on the cement tile floor!!! OMG...I was so embarrased...the Dickens Carolers went silent, everyone stopped in their tracks...even Santa jumped off his chair and ran to my side.  A nice gentleman quickly grabbed me by the shoulder and was ready to pull me up, when someone yelled...NO don't move her!!! I was SOOOOO embarrassed.  But every bone in my body was SCREAMING!  I thought for sure I broke my wrist.  I quickly picked myself up and wanted to run away, but the show must go on.  I stayed, finished the event, cleaned up, then went to the ER.  Nothing was broke, thank God, but I feel like I was hit by a bus!  I am so, so sore. Every bone in my body hurts. Ugggh.  I will never forget this holiday party that's for sure!  I heard someone say...WOW, she hit the floor like a sack of potatoes!!  LOL...thanks!
Ok, enough of that, lets move on to the centerpieces. The Candy Cane and the sleigh are both from My Scrap Chick. So easy to make.  Each of the centerpieces use at least 3 files. Each had a box as the base and then I used two other files for the main design.  
All in all, I made 6 centerpieces, with the same color scheme.  Added bows and accents as well to make each whimsical centerpiece shine and twinkle in Christmas lights.  

My Scrap Chick has some wonderful files.  Very quick and easy to put together.  Not to mention, their cuteness is beyond words! 

Both the Santa Pants and the Elf Shoes came from SVGcuts.  These are a bit more detailed, but really fun files as well.  
Friends, thanks for stopping by again.  Have a wonderful holiday.  I will be in touch later next week with something new.  


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Xmas Centerpiece

I wanted to give you a sneak peak of my Christmas Centerpieces...Look for more pictures and a "how to" on Sunday.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry & Bright

I wanted to show a quick project I made last week with the My Scrap Chick File, Bella & Baxtor Elves called Stringing the Lights.  I LOVE the lights in this set so I enlarged one of the bulbs and made a giftcard sleeve out of it.  It was really an easy file to create. I add the verse from My Scrap Chick Merry and Bright Christmas Word Titles. What a cute gift to give to a friend and hang it on the Christmas Tree as an ornament.  

My Scrap Chick is SELLING THE STORE!!!

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I love all of their kits.  They are so easy to build.  This is a MUST HAVE sale!  With over 500 kits in stock you are paying UNDER .25 per kit...WOWZA!!!

I have some ADORABLE Centerpieces to share with you next are going to have to see this, they came out so darling!  Hoping to get them posted on the weekend.
Thanks Friends!



Monday, December 9, 2013

Light bulb Christmas Gift Card

Just a cute little gift card I wanted to share with you.  I used the set Bella and Baxter Elves from My Scrap Chick.  I enlarged the tiny light bulb and made two of them, gluing the ends together so the bulb would open to the gift card enclosed.  
Then I added the words Mary & Bright from Christmas Word Titles and embellished it with a button and cord. 
It was very simple but I like it.  Sometimes the smallest things has the biggest impact.  
Hey, we are having entirely too much fun over at My Scrap Chick...stop in at the store and see what's new!!

Until next time...

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