Friday, February 22, 2013

My Favor Gallery

Here's a quick "look see" of my favors.  More will be added monthly. Enjoy!   

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nurses Call the Shots

This week I had a request for a Nifty Gifty Favor Box for a nurse.  I love these new SVG's I found.  So many different designs to choose from.  But remember, I like to mix and match, so just tell me what your looking for, and I will build you something fun and different. The french fry box is perfect for most gifts.  It stands up on it's own, ready to be filled with all kinds of yummy goodies.  I won't limit myself to only french fry boxes...I have a zillion different patterns.  
Watch for more Nifty Gifty Favor Boxes in many themes... cheerleading/dance teams, scout leaders, bus drivers, paperboys, mailmen and women, crossing guards, teacher's assistants, babysitters, coaches....all the little people in our life that mean so much to us.  Just tuck in a gift card, sweet treat, or a healthy snack attack and you have a perfect little Nifty Gifty Favor Box with a Little Person attached...I guarantee the "gifty" won't throw this packaging a way!Be sure to let me know what type and color of hair you would like, glasses or skin tone, beard or bald...let's personalize this little gift. Thanks for stopping by!

At the Beach

Earlier this month, I was hired by Desiree Chocolates for a Beach Party themed Bat Mitzvah.  It was so much fun to build this party in the dead of winter.  Believe it or not, I am writing this as a big snowstorm is at our heels here near Chicago.  The good thing is each day that passes, we are one day closer to flip flops, sandcastles and beach bags.

I made several pieces for this party.  Lets start with the menu cards.  I knew this needed to be a mix of whimsy and elegance. The images are Doodlebats.  I was able to cut them, similar to cutting stencils and attached them to the themed, colored tent cards.  I LOVE the way they came out and will definitely, do something similar again for another party. Adding a little "bling" really makes them pop on the dessert table.

The signage is something I always do for Desiree.  I like to cut the logo and add something personal to her dessert tables.  This way, the kids can keep the piece as a souvenir.  This particular sign was a very intricately cut, very delicate;  so I added it to a paper sculpted frame to set it out from everything else on the table.  I heard it was a big hit!  

What's a beach without flip flops?  When I saw this pattern I knew I just had to make it for this party, it was PERFECT!  I used Rachel's chosen colors; bright orange, bright blue and fushia. I did cut down the sole of this box.  In my opinion the sole needed to be a little thinner.  Adding a little flower to the strap gave a little more dimension and her name gave it that personal touch that I love in all my parties. 
Aren't these the cutest mini cupcake picks?  I used the same Doodlebats and printed them in the theme colors.  Sometimes, I make these in a little bigger size, but these were mini picks.  I added the "bling" to them too. 

Lastly, I made a sandcastle to tie everything together.  This was really just a prop.  I thought it was so cute and perfect for the theme. 

Watch for a collage of this party coming soon.  

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cone Favor Box

I created a simple cone box as a Take-Away Favor. (Look behind the candy buckets)   It was actually a freebie box template and I added a few holiday labels, to give it a festive look.  I love the way it came out ....perfect for a Holiday Take Away Box, meaning you can fill up with goodies at a Tabletop Candy Shop, and walk away with it filled while you chat and munch!  LOL  Great for chocolate covered popcorn, salted nuts or some kind of messy, fun foods where you would only take a small amount and you don't want to hold them it your hand.  Think about adding a ribbon, so the cone can be hung on a tree or a hook...this would make a  festive decoration as well.  Some really cute ideas for cone boxes out there...check Pinterest.  As you can see in the link, SVGcuts used it as a Halloween Box..which is adorable too.  Actually, come to think of it...Easter is coming so this cone would make an adorable Carrot as well.  I have something similar I will use for stop back and visit Polka Dots and Parties again.  This was actually a holiday Tabletop Candy Shop, but I love to add my favors to EVERY party!  

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Snowman Soup Box

I have a few snowmen pieces I would like to show you.  Below are Snowman Soup Packets I made up for some friends' co-workers.  Just a cute way to say, Happy Winter.  Add a hot cocoa packet and a candy cane.  Simple, but cute.

Omg...these little boxes came out so adorable!!  Just slip off the tie right over his head and fill it with chocolate kisses, hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, money ...just about anything.  I added a little loop to the top of the box and used it as an ornament.  I think this was one of my very favorite holiday favors I made...I love it so much, that I am making more this week for Spring....stay tuned...  

I added these snowmen favors to a cupcake stand....PERFECT!  Makes a nice centerpiece too!

Same favor boxes...different stand...placed in a candy bowl.  

Just hangin' around at

OMG...honestly, I only made 2 dozen of these...but they look so cute EVERYWHERE, I just had to share!!

Oh NO!!  Another snowman tree?  Can you tell I love these little guys? I got the stand from Pier One and I can see using it every winter.   

Lastly, I will leave you with a sneak peek of Tabletop Candy shop .  I have to get busy with that blog too...lots of idea and fun events over the holiday.  

Ok friends...playing catch up here all week.  Enjoy!