Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cute Kids Lunches

As I was reading through some of the Blogs I follow I came across this on It's Written On The Wall. These amazing kids lunches and brilliant fun ideas came from a blog call Hawai' i's Bento Box Cookbook, Bentos and More for Kids.  Wow this is amazing to me!!  What kids won't want to take a bite out of these adorable lunches?  I know this doesn't have anything to do with parties or favors but it was just too cute to pass up!! Maybe one of my favorite caterers will make one of these for a baby shower or kids party?  Hmmmm....good idea!! 

 Fish Sammies on a whole wheat bun and some yummy strawberries.  

This ones my favorite...adorable!!

Cute for a kids party!

Do you know someone who loves Pandas? 

 Adorable Hello Kitty sandwich (once again,use your cookie cutter) I have some cute favors to match this one!

It's Candace from Phineas and Ferb.  Cheese anyone?   

Ferb peanut and butter sandwiches. Love the parsley hair! 

 Isn't this a cute Phineas sandwich? 

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat with a "Cheese monkey"  

 Save this cute bunny sandwich for Easter time.

 Or you could make up this bunny for Easter....wait maybe this is my favorite!

 Check out these "pumpkin twins" So adorable..Love the googly eyes!

 Frankenstein can make an appearance anytime of the year!

 Strawberry and cream cheese bagel owl. Fun!!

As you look at these sandwiches you will see that a lot of the shapes are cut out with cookie cutters, and that makes it easy. If you feel like this is too much work in the morning, you could make them up the night before. I would love to be sitting next to your child when they open up their lunchbox! Smiles all around......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Planning Your Party!

Polka Dots and Parties
Planning, Party Favors, Polka Dots & More...

So, I hear you are planning a party!  Great, I am here to help you with your party favors and decorations.  I have planned many events over the years.  As a welcomed addition to my event planning business for 2012,  I have started Polka Dots and Parties, the perfect party favors for all celebrations!  I have quite a few themes and will add more each month. Please check my blog for themes, pictures, tips, color pallets and updated information each week.

I have 5 different party favor pieces for you to choose from

1Banner/Bunting w/13 flags & 2 spacers $15.
12 Party Favors - starting at $2.50 ea.
12 Cupcake Pokes –starting at $. 85 ea.
12 Goodie Bags –starting at $1.50 ea.
6 Centerpiece Bouquet—starting at $1.25 ea.

When designing your party, I do ask that you order in quantities of 12 with the exception of party Banners/Buntings and Centerpiece Bouquets, which normally is ordered as one piece for Bunting and 6 pokes in a Centerpiece Bouquet.   When you have a date, theme and guest count, call/email me.  I will need a few details before I start designing your favors.  I will email you 3 paper pallets to pick from.  Most of my papers are purchased from Archivers in Naperville and favor papers are listed on my blog.  Once a party theme and pieces are chosen, I will meet with you to show you an actual sample of the pieces you have chosen for your approval.  At this point, I will give you a contract to be signed and ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit 2 to 3 weeks prior to your event date. Your order will be ready for pick-up 2 days prior to your celebration.  The remainder of your balance will be due at this time.
If you are a crafty person and would like to assemble your favors and provide your own paper; I will gladly design and CUT your favors, and give instructions on assembly,  as you add your own special touches… glitz, glitter and BLING to create a one of a kind personalized look!!  This DIY Cutting Service will cut your costs considerably, as I only charge $1.00 per sheet if you provide and drop off your papers to me and assembly them yourself.  Please pass along this cutting service information to family and friends for their party needs, craft shows, and room-mom favors.  I will be happy to design and cut anything for you. 
I look forward to helping you plan the perfect party!


Wedding Expo

This past weekend, I shared a table with Arbor Vitae Cafe and NIU Satillite Campus at the Bridal Show in Naper Settlement.  The crowds were steady and the traffic to our table was pretty good. I actually made a couple of fabulous connections with other vendors. 2012 is looking pretty good down the road.  I spoke with quite a few new bride to-be's, and very excited moms.  Boy do I remember those days, looking for venues, searching for the perfect sweet treats, accessories and especially finding the most unique wedding reception and shower favors.  Did someone say Party Favors????? We all know where to find those... Polka Dots and Parties  of COURSE!!  LOL  I remember when planning my daughters bridal parties, we searched for that perfect favor...I wish I would have had  Polka Dots and Partie back then!! 

I wanted to include the flier information I handed out.  It really explains how the  Polka Dots and Parties -DIY Wedding actually works. I will actually do this same cutting service for ANYONE, not just Bride-to-Be's.  I really prefer this to selling you a complete, already-made favor.  At that point, I am selling, not only my cutting service, but also building and accessorizing that remember if you want to keep your cost down, I don't mind sitting with your group and teaching you how to put your favors together, and adding the "bling".  Let face it, assembling is so much fun!  If you are having a party, selling at small craft show, or are you a party planner and you want the PERFECT FAVOR for your PERFECT me, let me help you.  I cut for $1.00 a sheet!! reasonable!!  Call me!

Polka Dots and Parties
Planning, Party Favors, Polka Dots & More...

Congratulations! You’re getting married!!
How exciting to be planning your own wedding!  I know how important it is for everything to be just perfect on your special day.  Polka Dots and Partieis here to guide you, as you create and decorate your own party favors for bridal showers, wedding receptions, and dinner parties.
Polka Dots and Partiewill die-cut your choice of patterns, schedule an hour of instruction, and make design suggestions to help you create that perfect favor box.  Please provide me with your own color pallet of 12x12 cardstock sheets in choices that coordinate with your wedding shades and theme. Your favorite scrapbook store has an array of colors and themes for you to choose from. I will precisely cut each piece in a pattern of your choice.  The cost for cutting is $1.00 per sheet.  Give yourself plenty of time to create your favors while enlisting the help from your bridesmaids, family, and friends in favor making get-together.s. Add your own ribbons, buttons, bows, and charms to create a one of a kind, personalized look.  Very rewarding when you’ve done it yourself.  This is the perfect opportunity for event planners, coordinators and caterers, as well. 
I look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the perfect party favors for your special celebrations.
 Margie Klodnicki –Event Specialist


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Theme Parties

Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Graduations, Birthday Parties, Cheerleading, Sporting Events, Girl Scouting, Boy Scouting, Picnics, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Dinosaurs, Pirates,  Zoo Animals, Camping, Ballerina, Princess, Sports, Holiday Parties, Farm Animals,BBQ, Once Upon a Time 

I will add to this list weekly!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year...2012!

Wow...the holidays flew by!  I can't believe they are over already.  Now, on to 2012!  Did you make your new years resolutions?  I made a couple, but I never tell; though I will say that the resolutions I made last year, I was able to keep throughout the year!  I will leave it at that, and spare you the details.  :)

This year, will be the year of the small details for me.  I have many party ideas of my own.  After planning events with Neumann Homes,  Chicago Fun and Party Connection Events over years, I learned so much from each of them. I follow many wonderful blogs, find great parties on  Pinterest, and have learned so much on my own, that I now need to put them in motion for POLKA DOTS AND PARTIES.   While working with many companies along the way,  I want to step it up a notch and add in some of my own special creative touches.  Sometimes in planning an event for 2,000 guests, the small details get lost in the shuffle. This year, I will make those details pop!  I added the POLKA DOTS AND PARTIES line to my last couple of events of 2011, and had so many nice comments. Guests were actually noticing each detail, taking more pictures and commenting that these were the BEST events ever!!  YEAH!!

I am kicking 2012 off with a Bridal Expo this weekend at Naper Settlement.  I was invited to join a Catering Company, whom I will share with you soon.  I will be adding a few of my favors  and centerpieces to the table, kicking off the DIY Polka Dots and Party Favors line.  Hoping the brides-to-be love this line so they can create and design their own favors for their bridal celebrations.  Of course, this service is open to if you would like special favors for your events, you can contact me for details.    

A friend came to me to say she wanted to learn from me. That's sweet, so the first thing I am going to say to her is ..."Jump in with two feet and hit the ground running ..don't look back!" I wish I would have taken my own advice several years ago.  But it's no time like the present!

As I watch the Tournament of Roses Parade I will leave you with their theme... 

....................JUST IMAGINE!!