Friday, March 1, 2013

Gumball Party

Ok Here are a few pictures of a Gumball Party I did with Desiree Chocolates earlier this year.  What a cool party...and the colors were so bright and fun.  The theme was Hubba Bubba Bella.  I was only asked to do a few pieces including signage, which I always create for her, but as you can see this one was really a simple logo. 

The other part of the logo was a silhouette of a girl blowing a bubble.  I was able to cut it and turn it into a menu card.  I love the way they came out!

Adding a ribbon bow to the ponytail gave it a 3D look.  I also created some cute personalized cupcake picks with the same logos.   

The last piece I created was another sign, but I framed the Bubble Girl and added matching gumballs to the inside of the frame giving it a very unique look.  As I have said in the past, I like to create something that can be saved as a memory of their party.

   Thanks for stopping by!