Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Irish Themed Bridal Shower

Last week I worked on a 60 piece bridal shower...30 favors and 30 flowers with an Irish theme.  So I set out in search of 4 leaf clover scrapbook paper...with NO luck!  So, what's a girl to do?  I printed my OWN paper!  I love that option, I didn't even have to leave the office.  I wanted something very simple, not too busy and more white than green.  I found the perfect kit at Nit Wit Collections.  I hold their commercial license so if you are looking for something special, you can check out the site, find your favorites and give me a call.  I probably have the kit and if I don't I will purchase it!  I love their stuff, MaryFran is an amazing artist.
So, I wanted to put a little twist on the bridal dresses...you know me, I can never just cut the darn box and be done with it.  Funny, I actually took a picture of a simple design so you could see exactly how I jazzed it up...you'll laugh at it's simplicity. As for my design...it's one of those...'why didn't I think of that' type boxes!  
The one in the middle is the simple favor box pattern.  I used one sided printed paper, very simple with tag attached.  The 4 leaf clover dress on the right, is the paper I printed.  I added a solid light green paper to the bodice area.  The first one your left, is just a plain white dress with a separate white overlay that is dry embossed and glued to the skirt area. (I turned the printed paper over to the non-printed, plain white side to make the skirt)  The bodice of the printed piece was also used as the ruffle...printed side facing toward the front.  Hope you got all that!  I confuse myself sometimes!

I really, really love the green plaid dress.  I used very inexpensive paper, and added the white embossed overlay to the front.  I jazzed it up with a little bling, added a simple tag with a pop-dot, and a ribbon to the midsection.  I can see so many possibilities with this pattern.  How about red and white checks, or a cherry print?  Maybe add an apron...great 50's party or BBQ favor!  Love, Love, Love that!
Those of you who know this pattern know it had a silly latch in the treat area.  I hated that piece, so I cut it off and tucked in the tabs to make the box a little sturdier.  I added two mini cupcake liners to the inside just so the treat won't slide all around. (they do make rectangular liners that might work as well)

So here's a close up....I just add a little bling to the flower centers.  Really pretty!  I made 59 of these and  1 single favor for the bride with a little bridal tulle attached to the back, as a veil.

Next, I made 6 Pretty Poke single stem bouquets adding a clear lolli to the center (it had a clear, pastel heart candy in center of the sucker) really pretty.  I used the 4 leaf clover paper as a flower, and a white flower layer with a couple cupcake liners to each stem.  I have to say, I get so many questions as to how these flower are assembled.  I wish I could tell you...but it's my own design.  A girl has to keep some secrets to herself.  I will say, it's not in the materials used, or even the layering process.  I use a tool to get it all to work as one.  BELIEVE me ...it took me a long time to come up with this piece.  Maybe Martha Stewart will have me on her show, THEN I can teach you all the How To's! Thanks for understanding.  

Ok just a few more pictures of all of the pieces as one party.  I like to set up my orders in my formal living room before I deliver them. 

Lastly, a preview of my next blog entry
Stay tuned.....

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Events

This was taken in my formal living room before I delivered the party.
Hi Everyone!  

Whew!  It's been a very busy Summer for me.  June, July and Aug were filled with a lot of fun, fun parties!  A Summer event for 2,000, signage for a Chicago library event, 300 Tinkerbell party favors, a couple of Bar & Bat Mitzvah's, and many samples for future parties.  I have been so busy for the last few months. Oh, how could I forget Maggie's 2nd Birthday (my granddaughter, I'll add a blog entry for her party this week).  In addition to these Summer events, I am working on something new for the Fall....(Top Secret Stuff).  This week I am building centerpieces and favors for a bridal shower and several pieces for a twins flower themed birthday party, I know you will just love. I will post photos AFTER these parties have taken place...I don't want to spoil any surprises. 

One of the most memorable parties this Summer was a Tinkerbell birthday party for a 3 year old little girl. I was hired by my friend Desi, at Desiree Chocolates to build 300 themed favors, cupcake pics, a birthday banner and some tags and menu cards all with the Tinkerbell theme.  So I put on my thinking cap and came up with some darling favors for both girls and boys, which I displayed on a Pottery Barn severing pedestal that served as a pretty neat centerpiece while filled with the favors as well. I used this same sever as a drinking glass tower at my daughter's bridal showers.  I like it so much, I wouldn't mind a second so I can place one on each end of the dessert table.  

With my "thinking cap on" I knew I wanted to use my favorite Double Dot Papers from Bo Bunny.  The color pallet  was Hot Pink, Lime Green, Lemon Yellow...and I threw in a little blue and orange as well.  It all worked perfectly. 

After this never ending pile of scrap paper and a few trips to Archivers, I finally came up with a zillion favors...well 300 darling favors.   I decided to go with a french fry box...easy for the kids to fill up the box with the wonderful desserts from Desiree Chocolates and enjoy the party.  But I needed something with a Tinkerbell theme.  Well I have to say, I am so excited with the end result.  

Tinkerbell got some wings add on.
Crock got a tail added on the back of the box.

The snake got a squiggly tail added onto the back of the box.

The lizard, he got a tail too...he was my favorite!

And Captain Hook, got his HOOK added to the back of the box.

As I mentioned, I designed a few pieces for Desi's dessert table as well. She needed matching candy container tags.  If you look under the "Tag" blog entry, you can view how I normally design a tag, but these needed to be a little different.  Desi's candy containers are martini glasses so the normal hang tags wouldn't work.  I came up a different style and I just love the way they turned out.  Fits the stem perfectly.  What do you think?

I also made cupcake picks...both regular and mini size, all with a mixed birthday theme.  Don't forget to add a little "bling" to each one, it's nice to see a bit of shimmer in the light. 

Everything looked so nice, but I have to tell you...it took 3 helpers, myself and 7 full days to completely build this party, working 10 to 12 hours a day.  Yes VERY long, BUT...very worthwhile.  I LOVE every piece.  I have to admit, this was the cutest party I have ever  designed.  I wanted to show you a few more pictures of the process, just in case YOU get a call to design and create 300 party favors...ENJOY!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Little Tootsie

Hi there...well it's been awhile...I took a little hiatus for the Summer, but now that the kids are back in school, I am back to my blog.  I don't have any little ones anymore and I just brought my youngest back to college. So now it's just Tootsie home with me during the day. Little Toots is keeping me very busy these days. Between puppy training and planning events I haven't had much time to blog, but it's time to get back to business. Let me start off with Little Toots.  She is getting so BIG!!  Yesterday, she was 4 months old.  She's more than doubled her weight since we brought her home. 

Many friends have asked where we got Tootsie.  We found Timber Ridge Kennels online and spoke to Sue, the kennel owner.  We were excited to hear she had an available little female Cavachon, exactly what we were looking for.  A Cavachon is part King Charles Cavalier (her daddy, and a Bichon, her momma)   Tootsie was just 9 weeks old when we brought her home.  My husband and daughter took a road trip to Greenville, Missouri to pick her up.  I was so excited to be a new "mommy" again. She will never take Sadie's place, and I still think about my Miss Sadie, but Tootsie has wiped away those tears.   

Tootsie got her first set of shots the week we brought her home.  At that time she weighed 3.6 lbs.  At her second appointment she had gained just a pound.  And she has another coming up soon...so well see...she loves to eat!! 
Potty training was, not too bad, really.  I have to say...when she snuck into my formal living room and left a little pile on my beautiful area rug...I was SHOCKED!!!  She was doing so well NOT entering that room. I was completely flabbergasted when I saw it....but then I looked at her sweet face, and could hear her saying, "it was an accident mom"!!

She now sits and can lay down on demand, and even shakes hands occasionally.  Walking on the leash is still a challenge; she would rather run home than go on a walk.  The bad news is that it's been so hot here I haven't been able to go outside and deal with the heat, so only short walks in the evening for us. But Fall is just around the corner so we will walk daily in the morning...then she can talk a walk with Dad, in the evening. 

Tootsie does NOT like a bath...she HATES it as a matter of fact!!  I can hardly wait till I can get her groomed ....as cute as she is...I am over this fluffy hair.  One of our neighbors also has a Cavachon, Bentley, Mr. B. for short.  He is about 6 months and I LOVE his kinky curly coat.  I know the feeling, I had kinky curly hair as a kid myself. 

Well, she is now sleeping at the end of couch...her favorite spot.  More puppy updates in the future, stay tuned.

As far as Polka Dots and Parties...I am working at a fast and furious pace filling orders.  Hopefully, I can post a few things this week.  I have something big going on for the fall so I can't wait to share.  Top Secret Stuff!! 

Thanks for stopping by...hope you enjoyed Tootsie's photos.  Lots of parties to share with you from the last few months...stop back soon!