Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tags, Tags and More Tags!

Last week, I was asked to create some dessert tags for an event.  After creating something pretty cool; I decided maybe it was really a little too detailed. Simple is just a better way to go sometimes.  So I set out to design something a little cleaner...a little less detailed, but still classy.  I came up with a bunch of different shapes and styles to use as a background.

These are SVG shapes, but you can find many shapes on your Cricut Cartridges as well. I have every shape from simple circles to top-notes, fancy squares to hand-drawn designs. I chose this cute scalloped square for this circus themed project.
I tried several different ribbon holes, but these rectangle shapes and the punched location worked well for this project. 

I have so much digital art and really never get a chance to use it, so yesterday I created a bunch of different pieces.  I have a commercial license with Nit Wit Collections and I have to say...I LOVE this company!!  BTW, I have a TON of her's an addiction...I think!! If you need something specific go to her website find something you me, I probably have it.  YIKES, that's hard to admit, and I am stopping in this week to see what's new!!

These candy tags were made for a dessert table.  I have another set I am working on for a Circus Theme but they have MUCH BIGGER digital art...really cute though, I tend to lean on the detail side when I do digital pieces, but the next set has less details and more layers.

Have you seen the I-magicut Ribbon Cutter.  I really like this little tool. It seals and cuts ribbon perfectly every time.  

Lastly, I needed to create a cupcake poke to match. I think I am going to redo these in a circle shape instead, but thought I would show you these squares.  As far as punching holes for a cupcake poke, I would punch one hole at the top and one on the bottom.  These flat sticks are nice because they just slide right through the hole without too much "bowing" on the solid background piece.  On the other hand, these tan sticks are not very attractive, so just slide a half of a 7.5" straw to give a festive fun look.  

I don't have a picture to show, but to add a "belly band" around a large candy bowl, just punch one hole on each side (right and left) in the solid background shape and thread ribbon in one side and out the other, then tie a bow in the back. Not a KNOT, a bow, so you can use the ribbon again... pluse it looks really cute that way. Then just stick the printed tag right on the solid tag with dimensional double stick tape ...very cute; I know you will love it!
How about a Straw Hugger?  Just make the tag a little smaller, double sided and slide the straw up the middle.  Easy Peasy!!




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