Friday, September 6, 2013

Puppy Party

I recently a had a call from a young mom to make 1st birthday centerpieces for her daughters' 1st birthday "puppy themed" party.  She sent me a party napkin so I could match the theme colors and a photo of her dogs which she somehow wanted to be built into each centerpiece. We agreed that my Pretty Pokes Stems would make the perfect centerpiece and would keep the cost down as well. One of her dogs were black and other white, which was pretty simple for me, so I visited a favorite shop to purchase two cute puppy SVG files. She also asked that I fill mason jars with gumballs, since the party was outside and she wanted it to be heavy and not blow off the table.  Normally, I just punched the lids of the mason jar, but this time I went ahead and purchased the whole mason jar and gumballs to make it a little easier on this young mom...I remember the days of running to the stores with a 1 year old...sheesh!!  I also delivered this to her home to make it a bit easier on her all around.  

This time I bought those COOL vintage blue mason jars.  Ohhhhh so pretty!!  Have you checked Pinterest to see how else they are using these light blue stuff!
So, here we go...I started to cut, and cut.....AND CUT!!  I sorted all my pieces and edged each piece with ink.

OMG, the pieces!!  I only made 8 centerpieces with 4 Pretty Poke Stems in each.  It really wasn't as bad as it sounds, grouping your pieces together before assembling really helps.  I love building these little guys and the PRIZE at the end is so rewarding to me.  Honestly, I can only do 1 job per week so I just focus and move forward.  My favorites are actually building favors...I could do that all day long. 

I also added an intial and a number 1 to each centerpiece. Very simple, but I love the way they came out.


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