Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Snowman Mug Shot

Old Man Winter is right around the corner, and those of you who know me, know that I love cute little snowmen!!  I have a whole collection and put them up for the holidays, but leave them displayed until February, so I can enjoy them all season long.
This little guy came from My Scrap Chick in the Full Cup Treat Holders kit.   It comes with 3 Handled Mugs.   Can you believed I used all three mugs in this one piece??  I absolutely LOVE the way it came out. You can fit two gifts inside this snowman box. I am going to start from the bottom and go up to explain how I made it.  
The scarf, the Demitasse size cup, needs to be slightly enlarged so that the Big Cup, the snowman head, can slide inside. 

I folded the handle to the back of the Big Cup (head) before sliding into the scarf.  You could cut it off, but I wanted to show it as a mug.  You now will have a little room inside the scarf to tuck 
away a small gift.

The Scooped Cup, the Top Hat, is turned upside down and becomes the lid.  The scoops actually slide into the head and hold the entire piece together, nice and snug.  Leave out two scoops on the sides to look like earmuffs.  I have since added POM-POMS to these...and OMG, it's just so stinkin' cute!! 
Include a second gift to the snowman's  head.  It's big enough to add a cello bag filled with cookies or candies, tied with a cute matching tag.  Keep your cost way down on the actual gift, because like I said, these boxes are part of the gift.    
 The embellishments really make this piece pop!  .  

The eyes, carrot nose and the star came from My Scrap Chick Winter Friends Treat Boxes.  I added the Cardinal from The Snowman Collection in a little shredded nest plopped right on top of the hat.   
All in all, I LOVE this little guy...
           isn't he so cute???? 

Thanks for stopping by and....oh, I will be making some other pieces with this same set drop in again and see what's cookin'!


LuvScrappingTogether said...

This is so cute, Margie!! I love that you have shown it in pieces!! Such a fun idea! ~Hugs, Saundra

Jean said...

Hi Margie
I just love your snowman .
Could you tell me how you did the brim of the hat? I have a friend that I would just love one of these.
thank you for sharing

Margie said...

Thanks Saundra!!

Margie said...

Hi Jean, Ok take the octagon on the Biggest Mug pattern and enlarge it slightly. Then put a circle around it so that the octagon is actually going to be cut out of the middle of the circle. You should be able to slide the brim right over the top of the mug to form the brim. Hope that works for you. Thanks Margie

Rebecca Wagner said...

Such a great idea. Love it!!!

starry43 said...

I love these. I bought the file and I am starting to make them. Thank you for your fantastic work and for sharing. Suzanne

Cynthia said...

Soooo creative, loved your idea...I might try to make one, hoping it will come out as great as yours, thanks for the inspiration, Happy Holidays...