Monday, June 23, 2014

Vintage Picnic Basket

I had a busy, busy weekend...or should I say, Saturday! I planned a outside picnic for 1800 guests and the last 25 minutes it didn't just rain, IT POURED, with 72 MPH winds!!  We lost a tent or two, but had a great time for 4 hours before this storm blew in.  I am glad it came at the end of the day, you know what they say, "the show must go on"!  
   So today, instead of trying to outdo myself with a detailed My Scrap Chick project, I just wanted to create something very simple. I decided to go with the MSC Picnic Basket and Sandwich file. I am thinking this Picnic Basket would make an adorable party favor box.  You can even add a cupcake insert to the inside because the lid comes off completely.  How about adding a crystal colored bead to the lid, for a vintage look?  
I turned to my paper for some inspiration and came across a sheet that was kind of cool looking.  It looked like wood slates or fencing and in the corners some very simple flowers and scallops were printing on it. I usually step it up a few notches and combine 2 or 3 files, but not today. I was originally thinking I would make a bunting for my backyard flower cart....but I am still so tired, I just needed something quick, but simple & beautiful. 
This cute little picnic basket took me all of 5 minutes to put it together.  I like the fact that all the pieces fit on one sheet of cardstock. I could have added 3D Flowers, some ribbon...maybe a button or two, but honestly, folks, I am just too pooped!!  It usually takes me a couple of days to recoup from this event...but this time the soaking rain on my old bones makes for an extra day or so on the couch...hahaha!!  So thanks for stopping by and check back again, I promise to share that bunting on my cute little flower cart soon. 

Until next time friends,
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