Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's a Girl

Hi friends, I just have a really short post for today. I have been fighting the flu for over a week now. I just can't seem to shake it, so needless to say I haven't done too much at all this week. This is actually a party I did a few months back.  Nothing huge, but I was able to use one basic pinafore pattern from My Scrap Chick for the bunting, favor boxes and pinafore centerpiece pokes. 

I had decided on pastel polka dot papers, which I didn't have, so I just did it digitally and print & cut the pinafore patterns from my Silhouette Cameo Collection Papers. The Pinafore was actually a shaped card, folded over at the shoulder.  I wanted the look of puffy sleeves so I glued the front of the pinafore to the back, leaving the sleeves unglued. This way, I could thread the ribbon right through each puffed sleeve, in one-side and out the other. Just add some mini clothes pins to the line and you have a darling bunting! It would have been cute to tie some fabric strips to the clothesline between the pinafores...a very vintage looking piece.  Very Simple, but really cute too.  
I also made some Pretty Poke Pinafores for the table centerpieces. These will stand up alone or you can drop them into a vessel by making the rosette the same size as the bottom of the vessel.  I used the Easy Rosette  file from My Scrap Chick to create a base for each stem. Then, I glued the straw to the center hole. (add a stick to that straw for stability) 

I made sure the Rosettes were rigid, so it would allow the straw to stand straight up.  I like to add either a metal washer or a quarter to the bottom of the rosette, just to weigh it down a little bit. I love the way this came out and really only took a couple hours to get it put together.  More adorable files from My Scrap Chick!! It's nice to be able to build an entire party using only a few files.   
So thanks friends for stopping by.  I have a couple new parties I will be working on in the next coming weeks.  See you soon!  Happy Crafting!


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