Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Irish Themed Bridal Shower

Last week I worked on a 60 piece bridal shower...30 favors and 30 flowers with an Irish theme.  So I set out in search of 4 leaf clover scrapbook paper...with NO luck!  So, what's a girl to do?  I printed my OWN paper!  I love that option, I didn't even have to leave the office.  I wanted something very simple, not too busy and more white than green.  I found the perfect kit at Nit Wit Collections.  I hold their commercial license so if you are looking for something special, you can check out the site, find your favorites and give me a call.  I probably have the kit and if I don't I will purchase it!  I love their stuff, MaryFran is an amazing artist.
So, I wanted to put a little twist on the bridal dresses...you know me, I can never just cut the darn box and be done with it.  Funny, I actually took a picture of a simple design so you could see exactly how I jazzed it up...you'll laugh at it's simplicity. As for my design...it's one of those...'why didn't I think of that' type boxes!  
The one in the middle is the simple favor box pattern.  I used one sided printed paper, very simple with tag attached.  The 4 leaf clover dress on the right, is the paper I printed.  I added a solid light green paper to the bodice area.  The first one your left, is just a plain white dress with a separate white overlay that is dry embossed and glued to the skirt area. (I turned the printed paper over to the non-printed, plain white side to make the skirt)  The bodice of the printed piece was also used as the ruffle...printed side facing toward the front.  Hope you got all that!  I confuse myself sometimes!

I really, really love the green plaid dress.  I used very inexpensive paper, and added the white embossed overlay to the front.  I jazzed it up with a little bling, added a simple tag with a pop-dot, and a ribbon to the midsection.  I can see so many possibilities with this pattern.  How about red and white checks, or a cherry print?  Maybe add an apron...great 50's party or BBQ favor!  Love, Love, Love that!
Those of you who know this pattern know it had a silly latch in the treat area.  I hated that piece, so I cut it off and tucked in the tabs to make the box a little sturdier.  I added two mini cupcake liners to the inside just so the treat won't slide all around. (they do make rectangular liners that might work as well)

So here's a close up....I just add a little bling to the flower centers.  Really pretty!  I made 59 of these and  1 single favor for the bride with a little bridal tulle attached to the back, as a veil.

Next, I made 6 Pretty Poke single stem bouquets adding a clear lolli to the center (it had a clear, pastel heart candy in center of the sucker) really pretty.  I used the 4 leaf clover paper as a flower, and a white flower layer with a couple cupcake liners to each stem.  I have to say, I get so many questions as to how these flower are assembled.  I wish I could tell you...but it's my own design.  A girl has to keep some secrets to herself.  I will say, it's not in the materials used, or even the layering process.  I use a tool to get it all to work as one.  BELIEVE me ...it took me a long time to come up with this piece.  Maybe Martha Stewart will have me on her show, THEN I can teach you all the How To's! Thanks for understanding.  

Ok just a few more pictures of all of the pieces as one party.  I like to set up my orders in my formal living room before I deliver them. 

Lastly, a preview of my next blog entry
Stay tuned.....

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WOW!!! These are beautiful! I wish that I was able to do this :)