Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Little Tootsie

Hi there...well it's been awhile...I took a little hiatus for the Summer, but now that the kids are back in school, I am back to my blog.  I don't have any little ones anymore and I just brought my youngest back to college. So now it's just Tootsie home with me during the day. Little Toots is keeping me very busy these days. Between puppy training and planning events I haven't had much time to blog, but it's time to get back to business. Let me start off with Little Toots.  She is getting so BIG!!  Yesterday, she was 4 months old.  She's more than doubled her weight since we brought her home. 

Many friends have asked where we got Tootsie.  We found Timber Ridge Kennels online and spoke to Sue, the kennel owner.  We were excited to hear she had an available little female Cavachon, exactly what we were looking for.  A Cavachon is part King Charles Cavalier (her daddy, and a Bichon, her momma)   Tootsie was just 9 weeks old when we brought her home.  My husband and daughter took a road trip to Greenville, Missouri to pick her up.  I was so excited to be a new "mommy" again. She will never take Sadie's place, and I still think about my Miss Sadie, but Tootsie has wiped away those tears.   

Tootsie got her first set of shots the week we brought her home.  At that time she weighed 3.6 lbs.  At her second appointment she had gained just a pound.  And she has another coming up well see...she loves to eat!! 
Potty training was, not too bad, really.  I have to say...when she snuck into my formal living room and left a little pile on my beautiful area rug...I was SHOCKED!!!  She was doing so well NOT entering that room. I was completely flabbergasted when I saw it....but then I looked at her sweet face, and could hear her saying, "it was an accident mom"!!

She now sits and can lay down on demand, and even shakes hands occasionally.  Walking on the leash is still a challenge; she would rather run home than go on a walk.  The bad news is that it's been so hot here I haven't been able to go outside and deal with the heat, so only short walks in the evening for us. But Fall is just around the corner so we will walk daily in the morning...then she can talk a walk with Dad, in the evening. 

Tootsie does NOT like a bath...she HATES it as a matter of fact!!  I can hardly wait till I can get her groomed cute as she is...I am over this fluffy hair.  One of our neighbors also has a Cavachon, Bentley, Mr. B. for short.  He is about 6 months and I LOVE his kinky curly coat.  I know the feeling, I had kinky curly hair as a kid myself. 

Well, she is now sleeping at the end of couch...her favorite spot.  More puppy updates in the future, stay tuned.

As far as Polka Dots and Parties...I am working at a fast and furious pace filling orders.  Hopefully, I can post a few things this week.  I have something big going on for the fall so I can't wait to share.  Top Secret Stuff!! 

Thanks for stopping by...hope you enjoyed Tootsie's photos.  Lots of parties to share with you from the last few months...stop back soon!




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