Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sad News to Share

My last blog entry, I gave a sneak peak of a birthday party I was building for a friend and her husbands' twin baby girls.  Their 1st birthday is Tuesday.  They were born premature at 20 weeks, one weighing just under a pound and the other just over a pound!  One twin, I'll call her Baby G., was still hospitalized fighting for her life this whole year.  Numerous surgeries, many close calls, tubes, needles and wires...more than anyone should have to bare in a lifetime.    I can't begin to tell you how my heart bled for this family.  My friend cuts my hair and her husband helped build my workshop and other pieces I am using in my business.  
The party was to be at their home and also a second party in the hospital for Baby G.  I have terrible news to share.  On Friday, I was to drop off the party decor.  I got the worst news...Baby G lost her battle on Friday afternoon.   She fought so hard this whole year...she was such a strong little girl! Now she is their "Little Angel" watching down on her Mommy, Daddy and her twin.  I can't begin to even image what my friends are feeling right now. 
Sorry for not posting any pictures this week. Thanks for stopping by.    


Anonymous said...

Oh Margie, just read this. So, so sad. There really are no words. Kim

Margie Klodnicki said...

Thanks Kim!