Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boo...it's Halloween!

Boy this is really a dangerous time of year with all this CANDY around!!!  I actually have a Tabletop Candy Shop set up in my dining room so I can work on it.  It's a Halloween theme so I need to finish in time for few neighbors.  But, I wanted to show off a Candy Halloween Centerpiece.  I know you have seen these on Pinterest but I used a ginormous cookie jar. 

I did insert a tall glass in the center so I can actually add flowers or candy wands.  Really cute!  Can't wait to eat those PEEPS!!!  Yummm!

On to the Tabletop Halloween Shop.  I love the look of this little shop when the lights are dimmed and the little hanging lanterns are all aglow, the wall spiderwebs shine and shimmer, the ghost candles are lit and the spider globes swirl with a glow in the dark look...the Tabletop Shop looks AMAZING!!  LOL!!  It's PERFECT for a Halloween Party!!  Check out the Tabletop Candy Shop for more information. 
(by the way...I know you are all going to ask...where did I find those cute battery operated spider globe candles...I got them at HOMEGOODS!! Out of 3 stores in our area...I had only seen those two...I think I got the ONLY PAIR!!  Hoping for a Christmas version!)  LOL!

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