Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Late!

Hi All!!!  

I am sorry I haven't blogged in a while...October is such a busy month.  I have an event for 800 next weekend and I am trying to get a new piece ready to be photographed and introduced.  So I haven't forgotten about you here. 

I added some pictures from a Halloween event I planned a couple of years ago.  I had ordered 500, mixed sized pumpkins and what was delivered was 500 VERY SMALL pumpkins!!  I had to run out to the nearest pumpkin farm and pick up 100 medium to large pumpkins for my patch!!  YIKES...the things planners will do for their events!!  LOL!!! 

I also remember having to pick up 1,000 taffy apples from a caterer and repackage them for a large event...OMG...we never laughed so hard! At that time I had a mini van and it smelled like carmel nut wagon for MONTHS after!   

Thanks for stopping by! Chat with you soon!  


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