Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sweet Nugget Matchboxes

Hi Folks...
Back again with another sweet design from My Scrap Chick.  It's called the Sweet Nugget Matchbox.   I like this box because it's so versatile; I used it as a Halloween goodie box, and a jewelry box over the holidays as well. The lid wraps around the box and for this Valentines Day, I will insert the little dividers to perfectly separate candies from each other and add a clear window sheet.  

Using double-sided cardstock gives you several choices to design a very unique piece. On this box, I also used the Banners file. Three choices for different banners. The letters were a simple font that pulled the entire piece together, nicely. I also like to add ribbons, bows and a little glitter...just enough bling for me! So friends, thanks for stopping by again and be sure to check out My Scrap Chick to see what's new, oh, and don't forget about Freebie Friday!!
Check back on Thursday, when I will be sharing my sewing cards I will be making with my little Grandbaby, Maggie.  


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