Friday, February 7, 2014

Bee Tag Sewing Cards

Several weeks ago, I made these cute little sewing cards from the Bee Tag in hopes to finish them with my little granddaughter, Maggie. Between working, snowstorms and slippery roads, colds and runny noses and more snowstorms....needless to say, they are not completed by her. (I'm SAD GRAMMA.) I did start them both so you can get the idea of how they will look (and then I will take them apart so Maggie and I can do them together).
Typically, sewing cards are done with a heavy plastic needle and yarn. As you can see, this card was done just like that...very simple for a 3 year old's little fingers to do... with help. Tie a bow and we are done.

The second plan is to have her actually weave a skinny paper strip in and out of the holes, giving another nice look.  Maggie is such a sweet little girl that she loves doing any crafts with me, so I made two simple cards, without much detail, so not to scare her. She's actually afraid of my Silhouette...she says its too's the paper monster and it EATS paper!!  Ha Ha! But still she enjoys sitting on my lap as we cut out paper dolls, cute boxes, and coloring pages...she loves it all and she is my FAVORITE crafting partner!! Thanks for stopping by again.  I have several more things to post...See you next time!  Hey don't forgot to run over to My Scrap Chick, for some wonderful new kits!

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CherylB said...

Super cute...I might have to do these for my grand kids. Great idea...great job! Looking forward to getting to know everyone.