Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Day with Mary

Hi friends, hope all is well with you and yours.  I am still on Cloud 9 with the  first of the Mary Engelbreit Paper Piecing Kits that came out at My Scrap Chick. The Design Team has been busy at work playing with the new file. I thought I would share my M.E. creations with you each week; I was thinking "Mondays with Mary" would be perfect, but that would mean I would need to post each and every Monday? We both know that's not going to happen, so instead, I am calling it "My Day with Mary"...that way I can post ANY DAY of the week...LOL!!!
I just LOVE the first file, Ann Estelle!!!  I can honestly say...there are a LOT of pieces.  I have a feeling that is how most of her files will be, but I welcome the challenge. My first attempt was to use the square card from the Easel Card Assortment.  I just love this look, the black cardstock really makes the colors of Ann Estelle POP!  Isn't she a beauty?  After posting on our DT fb page, I heard that My Scrap Chick made a similar card...hopefully she will share it on the fan page so you can see a different version in shades of's adorable!!    

I also decided to try my hand at the MSC Birdhouse Trio kit and use the same M.E. theme.  I made a simple version, but it really needed to be DRESSED in the Mary Engelbreit that's what I did!!  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE they way they came out.  I used the same color scheme on each little birdhouse so they would all match..and match the M.E. theme in my kitchen...totally me!!  I am all about Bold and BRIGHT!!

So, this first Birdhouse is the tallest of the three.  I made it as tall as I could so the height is just about 8.5" tall from the tip of the chimney to the foundation.  As you can see, I went "crazy" with the details, to give it that whimsical M.E. look.  The black and white checkerboard was some  paper I had in my stash, but have since seen a similar size as a fill paper on my Silhouette Designer Edition program. I just printed the cardstock with the tiny black polka dots and the roof myself.  All the flowers, both large and small came with the kit as well, (I re-sized them). The large flowers on the roof are glued to a small clothespin and clipped roof shingles.   I did this same thing to all three birdhouses.  Love the look! 

The middle birdhouse measured in at 5.25" tall. I actually made two of this size, so I could give one away...but I added to this collection so you could see the differences in the two. I LOVE the little cute and simple.  And the roof was just finished with a little white ink on the scallops. As you can see, the roofs are removable so you can fill it with goodies.
The smallest of the three birdhouses is actually my favorite of all.  It measures out as 4.5" tall.  I needed to match the papers but I couldn't print the white dots so instead I cut them out and put the white papers's a cute little polka dot birdhouse with a roof of cherries.  LOVE IT!
Just a few more pictures of the clothes-pinned flowers.  Like I said, I glued the flowers to the clips so I could clip them around my kitchen on several pieces...since my kitchen is actually the M.E. Theme.  So...I have to tell you about this plate.  I got it as a gift from my husband when our kids were little. My husband was in the military so we never had family around us to celebrate "special happenings and birthdays".  I decided to use this plate to create one of our 1st Family Traditions.  If it was your got to use it for dinner, if you had a great report card or did something worthy...we celebrated YOU!  Today, I have it displayed on my counter and WE STILL USE IT.  Now, my babies are all grown up, some even have their own it's really special to us.  I added two M.E. flowers to it...looks so cute!!

  These are my little herb pots I use on my window sill.  I will be planting in them soon, so I dressed them up with the M.E. flowers as well.  

Lastly, I clipped a couple flowers on my napkin holder...really dressed it up. 

Ok friends, 
Thanks for stopping by.  
Next week I will be showing you some Princess Wands, so check back soon.  



Renee said...

Oh WOW everything is so AWESOME!! Great job and wonderful ideas!!!

Terry said...

Really cute and creative!

Margie said...

Thanks friends for your kind comments!

Melonie Judd said...

I love this set. You did a wonderful job. These are even cuter in person.