Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easter Mugs

Do you remember the blog entry from November
The Snowman Mug Shot? This new piece, the Easter Bunny Mug, is using the same kit, Full Cup Treat Holders!  I am not going to go through the process of how I made this piece again, but, I did use the Trio of Bunnies Kit as well  to create this adorable little guy.  I choose spring like pastels colored cardstock and some pretty twine. 
Just like the snowman, the bottom mugs hold some wrapped candy treats, and the middle mug can hold a cello bag full of treats.  Each size mug piece fits into the other.  I did cut two holes in the top of the hat to poke in the ears.
The little blue bird is from Bird on a Branch.  I love the little birdies...they add a touch of whimsy to these favor boxes. Lastly, I just want to mention that I used two embossing folders, buttons and dotted swiss.  Oh...and don't forget the buck teeth...I just cut those myself.  
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Cynthia said...

You did a great job...loved it..could not wait to see how it turned out...well done..keep up the great ideas, always a pleasure to see what you come up with...thanks for sharing..

Margie said...


Jessie Adams said...

Lovely and fun Easter project, Margie.
Jessie Adams