Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Chicks

Hi friends!! 
This week I created a party from the Trio of Chicks and Happy Spring Title files from My Scrap Chick using BO Bunny Double Dot Cardstock. Cuteness OVERLOAD!! The files are just so easy that you can create an entire party in an afternoon.  So this file has a Card, a Tag and a Gift box...all of which I did not make one of !! LOL.  My thought was, you can make these three pieces that come with this kit and I would give you some additional ideas on other ways you can expand this kit to a complete party theme.  I am going to start with the Chick Gift Box in the kit. To used this file as an "Easter Party Theme" so I would make the gift box into a Favor Box at each place-setting.

The little chickie cupcake pics, are really easy to make and they look adorable poked into cupcakes, danish or even little fruit, jello or pudding cups. I do like to make these double-sided papers from Bo Bunny, so be sure to check those out, but if the opposite side of the cardstock was white...they would look like little ducklings..which would be adorable as well. It would be cute to frost the cupcakes yellow so they look like the chicks body.

Do you love the PEEPS goodie bag topper?  Just fill it with some colorful peeps; nice to give away at the end of party or as game prizes.  (how about "thanks for coming, PEEPS!!)  The topper can also be used on a dessert pedestal or cake plate....such a cute idea! The Happy Spring Title has all the letters I used to spell out  P-E-E-P-S & S-P-R-I-N-G ...so everything matches! I also LOVE those little flowers included in this kit...nice filler to use on EVERYTHING!

The centerpieces, well I have to admit, I didn't know if these gigantic chick centerpieces would work, but I totally LOVE the way they came out. The chicks are about 7" tall x 5" wide.  Their egg shells were cut a little wider than the chick...about 5.75".  I wanted the shell to bow a little so I could tuck in some Easter grass.  If you cut down an empty paper towel holder and push it inside it will help the chick to stand up so you can stuff it full of grass and goodies to use on the center of your table. 

Ok lastly, I made an Spring Banner out of the little tag file, and of course all my favor Bo Bunny Double Dot papers.  I added the chicks and the letters to spell out S-P-R-I-N-G, now I can keep it as a Spring decoration, rather than just for Easter. 

I totally love the cuteness of this file.  Honestly, it would be really cute to use it for a baby shower as well.  So, hop on over to My Scrap Chick for this wonderful file and several other new files this Spring.
I have a bridal shower and an ESPN themed party to build this week. Check back and see the results, I am putting on my creative thinking cap today!!  hee-hee!! 
Thanks for "hopping" by friends. 

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Lois said...

omg how creative need to do these centerpiece chicks too i love it