Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year...2012!

Wow...the holidays flew by!  I can't believe they are over already.  Now, on to 2012!  Did you make your new years resolutions?  I made a couple, but I never tell; though I will say that the resolutions I made last year, I was able to keep throughout the year!  I will leave it at that, and spare you the details.  :)

This year, will be the year of the small details for me.  I have many party ideas of my own.  After planning events with Neumann Homes,  Chicago Fun and Party Connection Events over years, I learned so much from each of them. I follow many wonderful blogs, find great parties on  Pinterest, and have learned so much on my own, that I now need to put them in motion for POLKA DOTS AND PARTIES.   While working with many companies along the way,  I want to step it up a notch and add in some of my own special creative touches.  Sometimes in planning an event for 2,000 guests, the small details get lost in the shuffle. This year, I will make those details pop!  I added the POLKA DOTS AND PARTIES line to my last couple of events of 2011, and had so many nice comments. Guests were actually noticing each detail, taking more pictures and commenting that these were the BEST events ever!!  YEAH!!

I am kicking 2012 off with a Bridal Expo this weekend at Naper Settlement.  I was invited to join a Catering Company, whom I will share with you soon.  I will be adding a few of my favors  and centerpieces to the table, kicking off the DIY Polka Dots and Party Favors line.  Hoping the brides-to-be love this line so they can create and design their own favors for their bridal celebrations.  Of course, this service is open to if you would like special favors for your events, you can contact me for details.    

A friend came to me to say she wanted to learn from me. That's sweet, so the first thing I am going to say to her is ..."Jump in with two feet and hit the ground running ..don't look back!" I wish I would have taken my own advice several years ago.  But it's no time like the present!

As I watch the Tournament of Roses Parade I will leave you with their theme... 

....................JUST IMAGINE!!

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