Thursday, January 12, 2012

Planning Your Party!

Polka Dots and Parties
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So, I hear you are planning a party!  Great, I am here to help you with your party favors and decorations.  I have planned many events over the years.  As a welcomed addition to my event planning business for 2012,  I have started Polka Dots and Parties, the perfect party favors for all celebrations!  I have quite a few themes and will add more each month. Please check my blog for themes, pictures, tips, color pallets and updated information each week.

I have 5 different party favor pieces for you to choose from

1Banner/Bunting w/13 flags & 2 spacers $15.
12 Party Favors - starting at $2.50 ea.
12 Cupcake Pokes –starting at $. 85 ea.
12 Goodie Bags –starting at $1.50 ea.
6 Centerpiece Bouquet—starting at $1.25 ea.

When designing your party, I do ask that you order in quantities of 12 with the exception of party Banners/Buntings and Centerpiece Bouquets, which normally is ordered as one piece for Bunting and 6 pokes in a Centerpiece Bouquet.   When you have a date, theme and guest count, call/email me.  I will need a few details before I start designing your favors.  I will email you 3 paper pallets to pick from.  Most of my papers are purchased from Archivers in Naperville and favor papers are listed on my blog.  Once a party theme and pieces are chosen, I will meet with you to show you an actual sample of the pieces you have chosen for your approval.  At this point, I will give you a contract to be signed and ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit 2 to 3 weeks prior to your event date. Your order will be ready for pick-up 2 days prior to your celebration.  The remainder of your balance will be due at this time.
If you are a crafty person and would like to assemble your favors and provide your own paper; I will gladly design and CUT your favors, and give instructions on assembly,  as you add your own special touches… glitz, glitter and BLING to create a one of a kind personalized look!!  This DIY Cutting Service will cut your costs considerably, as I only charge $1.00 per sheet if you provide and drop off your papers to me and assembly them yourself.  Please pass along this cutting service information to family and friends for their party needs, craft shows, and room-mom favors.  I will be happy to design and cut anything for you. 
I look forward to helping you plan the perfect party!


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