Saturday, March 31, 2012

My New Craft Studio

 What a busy week, so busy I didn't even blog last weekend!  So this weekend I am playing catch up.  I decided I needed more workspace since my little table just wasn't cuttin' it. I had a few ideas and headed right over to Ikea.  I had been looking for a while and found something I thought would work...but after I got there, I found a table I liked  better.  A 74" table with adjustable legs.  I loved it!  I could store my paper storage and drawers underneath.  The adjustable legs allowed me to raise the workstation high enough that I can stand next to it and assemble my Pretty Pokes and Party Favors.  

Then I purchased a few glass shelves I can place displays on.  Being that the wall is painted DARK BLUE, everything really POPS! I just love it!!

I did add another table on the other wall to sit and design at. The sleeper couch is staying, but looks fine and serves it purpose when I need to relax or have friends visit.  Not sure how my daughter will feel when she comes home from college on summer break and her game room is now my craft studio and her large tv is now in another bed room, and the little tv is in this room!!  Time will tell. It's really perfect for me...I can't imagine how I did it before.  My room is nice and organized now.  Everything right at my fingertips!  

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