Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bow and Babes~Once Upon a Time

Hi Everyone,
What a beautiful weekend in Chicago.  We went from the dead of Winter to a beautiful Summer afternoon...I even have the air conditioner on, can you believe it?  This is nuts, but I am not complaining...just lovin' it!  
I am so excited about my Polka Dots and Parties Blog.  Not only am I having a GREAT time making all these centerpieces and favor boxes, but I love sharing it with you too. I have even starting Tweeting a bit!   So far, I am only blogging 1 day a week...Sunday, but hope to add on another day midweek.  I just need to find a extra time...who doesn't need more time, right?  So without further ado let's move to some of last weeks projects.  
I have one Event Designer and 2 brick and mortar stores who are purchasing my pieces so far...hoping for a few more. I will tag them on my blog and post pictures of the pieces they have chosen.     Check out their never knows when you might need something special that they might be able to provide to you.
Last week I created a couple centerpieces for for Bows & Babes in Naperville, IL. Owner, Anne Miller has a beautiful little shop right in downtown Naperville with everything little girls love, lots of pink bows, hair bling, tutu's, dress up clothes...a little girls dream.  Bows and Babes also plan fun birthday and dress up parties for little girls.   So my Pretty Pokes Cake Pop Centerpieces will be a adorable addition to their parties. Cake Pops?  Next week I will have a place for you to purchase those cool new CAKE POPS too!
I thought you might like to see the details on each Pretty Poke.  Now, I am NOT a photographer, so my pictures are NOT great, but promise to work on this too.  I don't think you can really see the dimension of each piece in these photos.  Each are layered 3 or 4 times and are double sided. More details show up in the final centerpiece.  

This Pretty Poke Flower reflects the child's age. 

I wish I would have added a polka dot bow to tie the slippers together.

After adding stitch lines on the green checked fan I added a brad to the center
7 Piece Princess Bunting (missing ladybug)

Ok, drum roll please...My favorite Pretty Poke Centerpieces.  Pretty Poke Ballerina Centerpiece:

You are probably wondering why the wooden cake pops?  Not having yummy cake pops on hand everyday, I made these cake pop props to add to my centerpieces...I actually painted them since I took these pictures and they really do look yummy!!
Lastly I wanted to show you a second centerpiece called Once Upon a Time.

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