Friday, May 25, 2012

It's a Boy

I had an order from a Jenn C. in Oregon last week and I wanted to post some pictures, for all to view. I believe she is planning a baby shower...It's a Boy, for her sister-in-law.  

She ordered 7 Sm. Pretty Pokes and 7 Pedestal Table Tops. I am thinking she is going to use these Pretty Pokes with the "candy filled method" (see February blog entery).   Jenn had chosen her colors, but not patterns, so we worked it out that she would visit her local Archivers in Oregon to pick out a pattern she liked and I would run up to my local Archivers in Naperville, Il (which, by the way, is my FAVORITE store) and pick up her paper to be used on her projects.    
Jenn was surprised when I explained that my pieces were double sided.  All of my Pretty Pokes are double sided; I like for guests on the OTHER side of the table to view a DIFFERENT side of the same piece. (that's my event planning coming out).

So in this case, all of my little baby boys are dressed differently on the other side of the Pretty Pokes. I really love the way they came out.  I like to add BLING to my pieces...but no bling for boys! I did add "thread lines" on each of their outfits...I like alot of details. 
She also ordered 7 Lge Pedestal Tops.  I realized I never really explained how these work so I thought I would share with this post. 
These Pedestal Toppers are something I came up with when planning a shower for my daughter.  Sometimes those fancy pedestals are just so costly...but too darling not to have at your shower.  So I came up with this and it worked.  I can cut any size, square, round, or rectangle.  Ribbon is cute to thread through the piece, though, I really like to use matching paper as my ribbon.  I have even printed on the paper, then cut it into ribbon strips...nice to personalize pieces as well.  I think it really ties the pieces together, not to mention they are a true conversation piece, and they keep costs down, with that same darling look.  Weave each paper ribbon strip through in a continuous don't even have to glue it, it will just stay in place.  Really cute.  Three strips should be plenty to go around a 12x12 square.

Building the Pedestal...find a clear glass.  I like to use my water glasses.  But a wine glass will do, as well as, other stem style glasses with a nice base.  Just make sure you have a wide mouth on the glass with a firm base so it doesn't tip over.    
Now Take the glass and fill it with something...anything...candy works best, but don't limit yourself to just that. Something that ties into the theme...gumballs, ribbons, M&M's, salt water taffy, Kisses, grapes, buttons, strawberries...even something like diaper pins or clothes pins would be cute.  Use your imagination.  
Then take the glass and add a luncheon plate to the top, covering the mouth of the glass.  I like to place the bottom of the plate in the glass, so to speak.
This will help the plate from slipping off the glass.  Good china works great, because it has a nice deep rim on the base of the plate.  If you need a little something to hold it together use glue dots or double stick tape to the top of the glass and the bottom of the plate.  Honestly, I have never had an issue when I did this.  You just need to find the correct combination of plates and glasses and it will be fine. Normally a Large Pedestal Top is just about the size of a luncheon plate.  
Ok, then take the Pedestal Top and place it over the plate, completely covering the plate.  Please do remember, scrapbook paper IS NOT food safe, so use a doily before you place your food on the Pedestal Top. 
I have been told that I spend alot of time on my pieces...but you know what?  I enjoy it!!  Bottom Line....It's a labor of LOVE, kids!!   .
So what do you think? Isn't it stinkin' CUTE????  I can't wait to get pictures from the shower!!!  Don't forget to send them to me Jenn C.  Thanks again for the order!!



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