Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Story-Event Planning and Party Stylist

It's been brought to my attention that my blog is a bit confusing when I talk about both of my positions, Event Planning and Party Styling.  So let me explain.  Several years ago, I started out planning events for large corporate companies and community country clubs.  Over the years, I have planned company picnics, corporate events, holiday celebrations, country club and school festivals.  Along the way, I met Party Connection Events, and they were able to provide many wonderful pieces for my event planning business.  As we worked closely together, I was honored when asked to be an Event Planner with them! We make a good team and plan events for 500 to 2,500 guests.  We've been together for about 5 years.  
For the last couple years, I have been drawn to Party Styling.  I love themed tablescapes, and the tiny party favors, centerpieces and goodie bags.  In my opinion Party Styling is not so much about the planning stage, as it is the building stage with matching pieces to enhance the party through creativity. Designing and creating party favors and centerpieces have become one of my passions.    
For the 18 months or so, I learned how to use several software programs, design with digital art, and use cutting machines, and at the same time I incorporated my love for crafting to help me add the "bling" my party styling.  With that...Polka Dots and Parties was born!  
So what's the difference?  Event Planning for larger corporate events, like company picnics, country club events, and holiday parties I'll do through Party Connection.    The small details, the party decor, the extra special touches that give a party it's "BLING" that's Party Stylin' at Polka Dots and Parties!!    
I  create many, many, party favors, centerpieces, banners, cupcake pokes, goodies bags and creative packaging, all of which I love, but my multi-use centerpieces are my all-time-favorites!  I have a few dessert companies that are now using my centerpieces to hold their cake pops and chocolate desserts.  I love making favors for bridal and baby showers..  Just so many pretty pieces to choose from.    
I hope this clears up any confusion as to the difference in my Event Planning and my Party Styling.  As I combine them world has EXPLODED!!    So does this make me a "Party Stylin' Event Planner" ....hahahaha...sorry Ellie, just a little event humor!

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