Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clear Packaging

I am always looking for cute, clear packaging.  I recently came across these 12 oz. cups with a dome lid and I just LOVE them!  So cute for favors...not just candy, but fun foods, trinkets and of course DRINKS, with a cute, colorful straws...and a straw huggers of course!  
I also have a smaller clear container with a dome lid...perfect for a regular size cupcakes.  I can create matching cupcake wrappers using your same theme as well.  No hole at the top, but plenty of room for a personalized sticker, which I can create using the same theme and or colors.  

Lets get back to the decorative, colorful, paper straws.  I have so many different colors and patterns.  Great for drinks, but I love to use them in so many different party pieces, and centerpieces.  It's fun to mix and match for a fun, festive party.  

 I just got these 1" x 8" Cello Bags, which I LOVE for candy filled party favors.  Of course, I like to add a "hugger" or a "topper" to stick with the theme.  Too cute for words...just take a look!!

That's all for now friends.  See you on Sunday, my regular blogging day. I hope to have a new piece completed that I KNOW Martha Stewart will just love, and I am going to do a Blog Share with you that is so STINKIN' cute!  Have a creative weekend!



Dreama said...

Can you share where you found both? Are they wholesale only?

Margie Klodnicki said...

I wish I could tell you Dreama, but I get them from a friend who owns a candy shop. As soon as my website is ready, you will be able to purchase directly from me. As of right now I only get them from this gal. I am sorry, but stay in touch...hoping to have a lot of really unique packaging available. Thanks for stopping by!

Dreama said...

Thanks for responding...I am a follower.