Monday, April 23, 2012

Poppy Bouquet

Oh My Gosh.....I am so proud of my Poppy Bouquet. I have been working on this for a couple weeks, cutting, measuring, redesigning, gluing, more redesigning...and now I am happy to say that my flowers are just perfect; just the way I dreamed they would be.  This bouquet is great addition to my Pretty Poke Cake Pop Centerpiece.   As you look through the photos you will realize why the name Poppy Bouquet is appropriate for this's filled with all shapes and sizes of POPS, anything on a stick is considered a POP in my book! In these first couple photos, please be aware that these Cake Pops are PROPS...made from wood beads on sticks!  It's just easier for me to use props in my centerpieces when I am creating and designing, but they are the same size as regular Cake Pops and look good enough to eat, right?

So I thought I would give you some tips and tricks I used when coming up with this piece.  At first I started thinking this bouquet was going to be JUST for Cake Pops...but guess what?  You can use so many different candies, mini cupcakes, cookies and of course the famous Cake Pops in this centerpiece!!  I had some wonderful large, sugar coated, Gum Drops from Whole Foods, left over from Easter.  I just poked a toothpick into the bottom of them and added them to the center of the flower.  In some flowers I used 2 cupcake liners of different, coordinating patterns.  The sugar coating on the gumdrops remind me of glitter. (Yeah, already coated with BLING)!

I also tried Tootsie Pops and Blow Pops by TOOTSI ROLL. (did I mention that Tootsi Pop called me last month because they saw a centerpiece I made using Blow Pops on Pinterst? They loved them...whew...I thought I was in trouble!) Use bright colored flowers for a childerens' party. One stem for each child, so everyone gets a treat and they can take home a flower too.  

The next thing I tried was Fanny May Candy as the center in a Martha Stewart Mini Cup Cake LinerWho doesn't love the Martha Stewart Craft line?   I love, Love, LOVE everything Martha!! (As a matter of fact, my son-in-law calls me Margie Stewart...<grin>!!) Check out her line of cupcake liners.  They are sooooo pretty.  They really make this centerpiece pop!!  Her colors are just "DELICIOUS"!  They mix and match perfectly and the scalloped edging is a nice touch for the floral center.

I have to say, it always takes me a while to come up with my designs.  I see something in my head, but building can be a task for me...I guess that's half the fun, right?  I like a clean look, meaning lots of white and a pop of color.  Sturdiness is another important part of my building. I once took a centerpiece to a client and it collapsed, I had a quick remedy, but it could have been very embarrassing, lesson learned!   So even though these look pretty simple, the engineering part is a tough task for me.  Hahaha...I now wear an "engineering hat"!!
These last two flowers do not have anything edible in the center...just a button, but even that is cute!!  

Lastly, to answer a few of the questions I received last week.  "Do you sell your party pieces?"  YES, I DO sell my pieces.  I am an event planner so I love when I can add party pieces into my special events, birthday parties, and bridal/baby showers.  But you too can order anytime. Another question, "Do you use Cricut Cartridges?"  The answer...sometimes yes, but I have a TON of SVG files too and also cut my own patterns. This particular design was created using my Cricut Flower Shoppe Cartridge.  
So friends, it's time to call it a day.  I hope to blog a bit more mid week, I am working on something VERY EXCITING that happened over the weekend, and I can't wait to share it with you! Until then... Thanks for stopping by!!  Leave a comment...would love to hear from you!!

Happy Crafting!!

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