Monday, April 30, 2012

French Fry Boxes and more...

Geeze, when I look back on the week, I really don't have much to say. Midweek I posted my new website which went live at Party Connection Events.  I love it,  have you checked it out?  And I finished a little Mini Catalog this week on Issuu.  I like how it came out, but now I am already looking to change it for next time, it's a little too plain, guess that's the creative side of me.  At least you can get an idea of some things I have created and the supplies I use. 
I did make a couple cute favors last week. I just love making these french fry boxes!!  They are just so cute in many different colors, prints and sizes.  I have even taken a piece of cardstock that's printed on one side and I printed on the opposite side...very cute!    I have a 12 x 12 Photo Printer that makes the process easy!  Makes nice liners.

This pink french fry box is sample for a gal who is getting married and her bridal party will be assembling the boxes for the bridal shower.  Now this is my FAVORITE type of  job...cutting favor boxes.  I design a favor box, cut them, create a instruction sheet on how to assemble, then I sit with the bridal party for 30 minutes or so and show them how to put it together!  My fee is VERY reasonable and everyone loves the quick and easy assembly. Everything is put together in a day and I have a VERY happy bride. I offer this to EVERYONE, not just brides.  You can either bring me your cardstock, or I will email you a color pallet that I will purchase, then you pick the party favor and I can cut everything for a fee, per sheet, and of course the cost of the paper.  It works out great for everyone. I have a couple ladies who also enjoy making favors and selling at craft shows but they do not have cutting machines, so it works out great for them too. Like I said, very reasonable.     
I start reading two books this week.  One is Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas which I LOVE!  I am only half way through, but so's great and I have learned several new things.
Sweet Design by Amy Atlas...GREAT book!
The second book is CelebraTORI which I downloaded on my IPad.  I haven't started reading it yet but flipped through and I know I am going to LOVE it.  I love the way she breaks down each party.  Being an event planner, I like to keep up on the latest party planning books.  I hear my friend, Debi Lilly also has a book out called The Perfect Event so her book is on my list next!!! Maybe I will get it for Mother's Day!
Next week I will have 3 Pint Size Cake Pop Centerpieces to share, and a sport theme and a school theme Cake Pop Centerpiece to share with you as well.  Hoping to have some other favors as well.  I better get busy...

Have an EVENTful week!!

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