Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Candy Filled Method Centerpieces

Here are just a few DIY Pretty Poke Candy Filled Method centerpieces. Wow....that's a long title!!  Anyway, if you are looking to order a single Pretty Poke here is what they look like with just 3 pokes included!!  You will have to make your own base.  (see blog post  Candy Filled Method Feb. 12)  Still cute, but very simple...we all love simple don't we?  These don't not have BLING added to the container but I would sure add on a cute polka dot bow or message tag...something personalized for sure!!

This base is actually a Party Favor Cupcake Box.  The bottom is the lid to the box!!  Again, I can create something special to match the overall theme.  Choose from many wonderful Scrapbook Papers craft stores.  Links for my FAVORITE Papers are listed on my right sidebar!!  My most favorite locations for these papers are Archivers, Michaels, JoAnne Fabric and Hobby Lobby. I have so many ideas I am just BUSTING!!  

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