Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Shoe Favors

Aren't these the cutest little baby shoe shower favors?  Who could resist this?  These little ones are just about the size of a newborn shoe, complete with bling, bows and baubles. Place at each place setting or play a game with them.  Everyone loves taking one of these home.   

I have also made them for baby's first birthday Christmas, Halloween, Valentines or special holidays.   How about adding them to the top of a baby gift...I'm sure this cute little favor won't be sent to the trash!  I recently had a friend who's baby was in the hospital.  Mom and Dad tied the little shoes to the hospital bassinet....oh so cute!  Both a baby girl and boy shoe versions are available, so if you are unsure of what you are having, mix them up!  Use them as ice breakers or as a game at your shower..diaper pin  one booty to each guest when the walk in the door ...have them find their matched pair and learn a little about their new friend.  Maybe you just found out your expecting ... have your husband or your parents unwrap their special gift...SURPRISE!! Many ideas Contact me for pricing.  Must have a few weeks to complete larger orders.  

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