Sunday, February 12, 2012

Candy Filled Method

Let's talk about Pretty Pokes tonight. I LOVE making Party Centerpieces! I usually add 7 Pretty Pokes to a themed base, creating an adorable centerpiece which can be seen from all sides, since each poke is double sided and very detailed.  They are a big hit!! I have orders for Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays...even Get Well Gifts!  I think they are replacing the flower arrangements!!   

I thought I would share with you some ideas to use as a base for these Pretty Pokes. In the picture above, I made the base to match the pokes. But, you can do a DIY base as well.  Simple, but cute!  I love to use different containers, clear jars, drinking glasses, and clear or colored vases.   Even a party favor box will do.  Just add some bright, color coated candy like M & M's, Gumballs, or Jelly Beans.  Plant the straw right into the candy filled glass and it will stand perfectly in the container.   Since the Pretty Pokes are two sided they can be seen from everywhere in the room. After the party, just snip off the straw on the Poke, string a ribbon through each Poke and you have a cute bunting or a banner with a fun theme.  Very cute to hang in a baby nursery or even frame in a toddlers room!  

I realize this votive cup is very small, but as you scroll through you will see that you really only need a small base to poke the straws into.  I love using Sixlet Candies in my jars.  They are sooo cute and colorful.  I think JoAnne Fabric carries them in assorted colors and because they're coated the straws just slide right between them, helping the Pokes stand perfectly without falling or slipping.  This votive will hold 3 double sided Pretty Pokes.  

The conversation hearts are chalky and it's really hard to poke the straw into them.  But, oh they are SOOOOO cute!!  So here's what you do....

Add the little votive to the inside of a water glass or a wide mouthed glass.  This will help you design your centerpiece with the "cuteness" of the candy conversation hearts as well!  Another fun idea I have done using stemmed glass is to make a personalized round tag, similar to a wine glass tag to be placed at the bottom of the stem on the glass, this gives a fun personalized look.  Believe me, your friends will notice the details, so have fun with it!  

I think I purchased this last container at Hobby Lobby.  It's really cute, holds a lot of candy but would be adorable if you made a decal to be placed on outside of container.

So that's it for containers tonight, but watch for more coming soon.  

Coming Soon...  CrafterNoon & CrafterMoon!! 

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