Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bouquets and Centerpieces

I was asked by a friend to design a few pieces for a Bridal Show she would be attending as a vendor this weekend. Of course, I jumped at the chance!!  She asked for a centerpiece and a bouquet and a few favor boxes.  So I got my thinking cap on again and decided that I REALLY like making these picks, which I call PRETTY POKES. Some may like the idea of poking the Pretty Pokes into a vase filled with coated or wrapped candy pieces (see 2/13th blog entry) such as M&M's, Gumballs, or Hershey's Kisses.  While others prefer a nice solid base as seen below in the SPRING FEVER BOUQUET.


So I thought this Spring Fever Bouquet would be a cheery piece for a bridal shower...all made with matching wedding colors.  As I was putting this together I began thinking how pretty this would be as a get well or a happy birthday bouquet!!  Wow...endless possibilities.  Just by adding a Doctor Bag, or a Birthday Cake this piece would change in an instant.  My mind was "racing with ideas." Looks like I will be adding Greetings and Holiday Pokes so you can purchase them separately if you need a themed bouquet or centerpiece.  
A few friends have asked, "what's the difference between a bouquet and a centerpiece"?  Well, I like to refer to a bouquet as one sided. The flowers in the Spring Fever Bouquet above are all facing toward you, the other side is plain and neatly made.  A centerpiece can be viewed from all sides.  Of course, a Pretty Poke Bouquet is a little less expensive  than a Pretty Poke Centerpiece. Both of these pieces have 7 pokes included with an option of an 8th poke to swap out for a themed gift, example... get well, congratulations, graduation, birthday, new baby,  you get the idea. 

So moving on to a Wedding/Bridal Pretty Poke Centerpiece. I have 7 Pretty Pokes included in this centerpiece all of which have a wedding theme.  I do have several more pokes to choose from...hearts, flowers, bells, glasses, verses even choose.  I added a nice big table number to this piece as well, or you might consider a letter instead.  (I will get some samples in the next few days.)  Each poke can be seen from both sides of the table.  And of course some shiny BLING!!  

I can also personalize this for about adding some of your own photos.  How pretty!!  The base on this Bridal Centerpiece looks plain but it can be dressed up...give me a few weeks and I think you will be  very excited when you see what happens to this piece...something new and different is joining Polka Dots and Parties!!  Stop in often to catch up!!!


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